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My Four Year Old is Biting Other Kids

I posted last month about our issues with our four year old and potty training (still no improvement). Now we're having issues with biting. As a toddler he got bit a lot at daycare, but rarely bit another kid (happened once or twice just after his 1st birthday). He is FOUR YEARS OLD and in the last two months has bitten another child three times.

He bit another kid at preschool in December (on the finger), he bit his sister last night SO HARD he left a huge bruise on her arm, and now just this morning he bit his sister again on the hand. He left deep teeth impressions. HE KNOWS BETTER. This is what is so frustrating. He's been bit by other kids before and he knows how much it hurts (recently he was bit by some strange kid on the playground).

He knows he's not supposed to bite, yet he continues to do it anyway. He gets sent to his room (there's no toys, no books, etc. It's just his bed and a closet full of clothes. We've had to remove all the toys and books from his room because he could care less about being sent to timeout on the stairs or having toys removed from the play room).

All three times it has happened during play time and it is because the other child wasn't doing what my son wanted. We just can't seem to make it clear to him that the other children (the kid at preschool and his sister) don't have to do what he wants. They can do what they want. Then we get back the sassy response of "I make the rules!" and "Yes, they do!"

ice cream for a Valentine school party

Hello. I am doing a Valentine party at my child's school. I would like to serve ice cream to the kids. Which is the best way to keep it from melting for about 1.5-2 hours? A cooler with regular ice? Dry ice? What does your experience say?

Four Year Old & Potty Training

My son is four and is nowhere near being "fully" potty trained. He wears underwear 24 hours a day, but will not come to me (or anyone else) and say he has to go potty. We are on a schedule for the most part. If I make him sit on the potty, he will pee, but unless I remember to make him sit, he will hold it until I do or until he pees himself.

We have talked at length about this issue, about telling Mommy and Daddy he has to pee, but he still refuses. The second issue is the poop. We've been "potty training" for well over a year and he has NEVER pooped in the toilet. He has a more or less consistent schedule (pooping about once a day right after lunch). I know this and will make him sit on the toilet after lunch. He's stubborn little behind will hold it for as long as it takes. It never fails, as soon as he gets back into his underwear (and into his room) he poops himself.

I give him privacy (always) when he's in the bathroom. We've read books, watched videos, talked, tried more reward systems than I can count but he still refuses to 1) tell us when has to go (both poop and pee) and 2) poop on the toilet.


EDIT: We already make him clean up his own underwear/mess when he does. We have a sprayer (we used to use cloth diapers) and he cleans up his mess/himself and puts himself in new underwear like it is no big deal. He just doesn't care.

Gagou Tagou cuddle bag carseat cover

Last year, when I had my baby, my husband's work gave us a gift of a car seat cover/sack by a company called Gagou Tagou. It's a more lightweight version of the Jolly Jumper Cuddle Bag. We washed it after it was no longer needed.

But now it is needed, and...I can find how to install the bottom section to the car seat but I can't find how to attach the top to the bottom. It's zippable but the left side has four connectors (two on the bottom section, two on the top section) and none on the right side.

I know it's a long shot that maybe anyone would know how this works but I'm beyond frustrated. Does anyone know how to work this thing?

Any Kindergarten teachers here?

I need help with yet another assignment.
I was asked to interview a K teacher (2-3 questions, very specific to special needs and stuff like that, I can put them into the post) via any type of communication, be it e-mail, phone/Skype, private messaging - my instructor doesn't care.
Anyone willing to spend a few minutes answering?
Thank you.

My four year old is sucking on things...

My son used a binky for the for the first 1.5 years of his life. We phased it out at about 18 months. Recently (he just turned 4) he has started sucking on soft items. He has a blankie that he sleeps with that he's started sucking on. If we take it away (which is what happens when we catch him sucking on it) he puts a stuffed animal in his mouth instead.

My husband and I are at a loss. There have been no major changes in our life, nothing to indicate stress that would cause him to start sucking on it. We don't know why he's doing it (when we ask him, he says nothing) or how to get him to stop.


Nov. 9th, 2015

My son (6) does not wish to be left alone. Hes afraid  of monsters.

I wish i could be patient enough for it not to drive me mental. Its so advanced that if i turn around to turn out a light he will turn too.

So when hes being irritating about brushing his teeth, or some other micro battle what can i do given i cant step out the room?


My 4 year old LOVES Snoopy from Peanuts. And she's expressed a desire to see the new Peanuts movie. There's a theatre nearby that will do one showing of the movie with reduced volume and the lights on dimly. But it's being shown on Wednesday, so I'd have to keep her home from kindergarten that day.

I know it's just one day and it would be to do something special, but part of me says wait and take her to a regular showing over a weekend or on the day off that's coming up at the end of the month.

What say you, oh P101? What are your thoughts?

(I realise this isn't the most serious question, but I need help deciding, as my husband has said it's up to me.)

Potty training, yay...

So let me start by saying I'm not really stressing at all about this, I'm just a little confused so I wanted to see if anyone had anything similar going on.

My daughter turns 2 in November and has basically potty trained herself. She loves her potty, she doesn't mind using public toilets (I have to hold her on the seat), she even used a bush the other day when we were on a hike. She rarely has accidents and since she started wearing underwear about a month ago she had never pooped her pants.

Except when my husband, her dad, is around. Not even just when they are alone, either. Yesterday I was on the computer, my husband was on his phone and my daughter was playing. She asked to sit on the potty (she can't take her pants off herself yet) so my husband helped her. She asked for him to sit with her, so he did. She didn't do anything, just got up a couple of seconds later. Two minutes later, she pooped in her pants.

Like I said, I am not stressed about it at all. I know she's ridiculously young but I just find it really weird that she spends days with me with zero accidents and then spends an hour with Dad and has several. She uses the potty with him around as well, but then randomly doesn't.

Anyways, anyone have similar stories? Anything I should be doing or do I just keep letting it go?

Men with cameras

This morning I was walking past a day nursery with my toddler and I saw a man stop his car in the street, hang out of the window and take pictures of the building. My child and I are likely in the photos too. I called the nursery to let them know and gave a description of the man and the car but didn't call the police.

This isn't the first time I've seen men do this. In the last year a man stopped and recorded a video of myself and my child whilst we were looking at a cat in the street. He was hiding about ten feet beside and slightly behind me but holding out his camera phone so he could get the video and hurried off when I saw him. He particularly worried me as I had used my child's name several times whilst he was there. There was also a man very blatantly taking photos of us at the park. Both times I just gave the men a stare and took my child away.

On the one hand, I feel like I should contact the police or confront the men but on the other, I don't want to put my child in any danger. I also don't want to look foolish in case I'm being paranoid. Three times in a year, all within quite a small area of town, makes me wonder if I'm being overly sensitive to possible dangers.

How do other parents deal with this?


human knot game: for what age?

Hello. Starting at what age can children enjoy "human knot" game? Is 7 y.o. too young? Thank you. I am planning a party for 2nd graders.

Teacher's note - touching

Hi p101. I'm hoping you all can maybe help advise me in how to interpret this note I got from my 4 year old's junior kindergarten teacher today.

It said that my daughter has been "touching" kids in her class and, when talked to about it, she apologizes but then she starts doing it again. The letter asks me to talk to my kiddo about it.

It doesn't specify how she's touching these kids, which I find unhelpful. Is she hitting? Pushing? Or does the school have a policy of never touching anyone for any reason??

I'm just trying to div out my feelings on this and how to talk to my kid about it. Does anyone have any feedback on how to handle this?

father-in-law smokes, son has seasonal asthma

Okay, I really need the advice of other unbiased parents right now. I apologize beforehand for the length.

it"s all under hereCollapse )

edit: THANK YOU, everyone, for your input!

Impulse Control/Self-Control

Any tips or resources for helping young kids with impulse control and self-control? My son just turned six, just started public school, and is having issues in school with keeping hands to himself (in playful, never hurtful ways), controlling his body, respecting personal space, and in general it all boils down to impulses.

My kid *wants* to not get in trouble, wants to not mess up at this, but he has struggled with it for quite a while now. Now that we're in public school, it's a bigger deal. Yet, no teachers or doctors or anyone we've talked to has given us one bit of help or direction on how to help him. Surely there are good resources for such a common problem in this age group?

I would love to hear anything that worked for others or any resources that are worth looking into.

Rash Soothing

Hey everyone!

Baby girl got her first infection at 20 months after starting pre pre pre school! Woo, I want to bronze the antibiotics. Haha. Kiiiidding...ear infection with 103 fever for about five days.

Any way, been almost a week with no fever but still finishing up the antibiotics. Her whole body is covered in a rash! :( Gross. It's itchy but perfectly normal reaction (per pediatrician) to antibiotics and she was cleared to go back to school.

What is the best way to sooth this annoyance? She's still a solid 12 hour a night sleeper with no struggle to go to bed bit she's been waking up in the middle of the night and having issues going back down. Oatmeal bath is good but can't do that at 1am

Any suggestions, help, advice is great!! Tia

Rash picCollapse )

My 4 year old starts junior kindergarten on September 8. That means I have to start packing lunches for her, something I've never had to do before.

I need lunch ideas! I don't want to always give her a sandwich or at least not the same sandwich. She loves fruits and veggies so I have plenty of things to go along with the main part of her meal. But I'd like ways to incorporate meat into her main part of the meal.

Can anyone offer some ideas on packed lunches?

security latch for travel?

We're going to be staying with relatives that I have not seen in a long time on an upcoming trip. At our home, we have a security latch on our doors that our toddler can't reach which gives me the peace of mind that my toddler won't wake up before me and escape the house.

Before I call my relatives and ask them to install one of these security latches (can't seem to bring myself to do it) I wanted to check with you all to see if you had any other solutions for me.

Toddler choice battles

My 2.5 year old will request thing A. Then I make a move to give him thing A and he changes his mind to thing B. Then I try to make a move to thing B but no, he wants thing A.

I know he's a toddler, I know it's a phase. But how do you handle this one? I have a tendency to tell him I'm going to give him one of those things (A or B, usually what he's said last) and then we're going to stick with it. It does not go over well.

3-year-old... teething?

okay, so it started out looking like a spoiled child: waking up at night and demanding to go downstairs for a snack and a cartoon. I even gave a piece of my righteous mind to my husband for enabling (he was the one hanging out with her in the middle of the night). then it progressed into runny nose, and again, we kind of brushed it off. I mean, what 3-year-old never had a runny nose? raise your hands last night, she woke up, called out to "papa" and when he came, she felt... warm. not burning hot, but a little warmer than usual. he took her temp: 98.4 - 98.8 (temporal, we normally take it twice, once per side of her forehead). she was all whiny and grumpy and ended up falling asleep in our bed. in the morning, the temp was still around 98.6, and since it was way under 100.1, she was sent to daycare. between waking up and leaving, she picked up a bad fight with me about... everything: dressing, shoes, brushing teeth and hair, potty... so far, no one called to ask me to come get her, but the day's still young.
my husband explained to the director that our daughter is feeling crabby, sleepless night, slightly elevated temperature, and all that. the director asked if she could be teething.
she had her 3-year checkup. all 20 teeth are out. I have no idea when the next ones should come.
question is, is it even possible? the symptoms fit teething like a glove, but at 3?..
did any of you have that? I'm dumbstruck.


Birthday party invitation: proper wording

Hello. I am throwing a pool party for my child who turned 7. At this children's age most parents drop off their children at parties. However I know from previous party experience that not all children are able to quickly change their clothes and might need a parent to help. I would like to state that parents can stay (but are not obliged to). What would be the proper wording?
Parents are welcome to join the splash?
Parents are welcome to stay and splash?
Hope to see your entire family?


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