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November 12th, 2012

long hair on a boy..

If any of you have a boy with longish hair, how do you cut/style it?

2.5yo wants his hair long like daddy's. It's just at that stage where it's right in his eyes in the front. Husband won't let me put hair clips in his hair to get it out of his face (long story short, he's sensory seeking and anything small enough will end up in his mouth, so small pieces of sharp metal aren't a great idea). It's wavy and thick and usually I can scrunch it up and get it out of his face, but when it is freshly washed it's straighter and it's right in his eyes.. ANything else I can do short of brushing it out of his face every 10 minutes?

bonus longish haired toddler picCollapse )

The lies she tells.

I'm looking for commiseration and maybe some advice. Just recently my very honest five year old has started to lie about the stupidest things.  I.E. does she have her panties on, has she finished her juice, did she pick up her toys, etc...just the stupidest most easily checkable things.  So any advice to help teach her, without constantly yelling, that telling the truth is easier and in the end gets her in less trouble then telling lies?  Commiseration is also appreciated.

Terrible Twos and Sibling Rivalry?

Rivka is going to be two in a couple of weeks(!) and sudenly she's gotten downright mean to her baby sister (Abigail, 7 months). Previously, she's been very sweet to her and eager to share. Any time the baby cried she would run to give her a toy or pat her and say "shh, baby" or pick up whatever she dropped, etc. Any time she had a treat we'd have to stop her from giving some to Abigail. There were lots of kisses and cuddles and cuteness all around.

Except, now she seems like she's being purposefully nasty to Abigail. She snatches toys away from her and doesn't even play with them. She just takes them, throws them out of the baby's reach, and watches her cry. She'll start to hand something to her, then snatch it back when Abigail reaches for it. She has walked up to her and hit her out of nowhere a few times. She's also started to freak out if my husband is paying any attention to Abigail. She tries to wedge herself between them and throws tantrums if he plays with her. She tried to pull Abigail out of my husband's arms.

So, I guess something has changed in her mentality towards the baby? Is she just now suddenly capable of experiencing jealousy? Is she experimenting to see what makes the baby cry or something? Is she just being a terror because she's about to be two and that's just what happens?

And, more importantly, what do I do about this? I've been reinforcing "nice" and "gentle touch" and reminding her to share. I've explained to her that whatever it is she's done is not nice and has made the baby cry. I've put her in time out a few times for particularly unacceptable incidents, but she's not really grasping time outs yet. I've made sure to give her extra attention during Abigail's nap and my husband has done his best to give her extra one-on-one as well. If there anything else to be done?

Nov. 12th, 2012

Possibly an annoying question, but how much would you pay for a slightly used Moby wrap and a used glider (some slight staining on the cushions, but still pretty good condition)? My sister wants to sell me these things and I'm interested in buying them, but she refuses to name a price. I looked on craigslist to try to find an "average," but it's all over the map. I want to offer something that's fair to both of us and I'm frustrated!


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