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November 26th, 2012

Convertible Car Seats

We're currently in the market for a convertible car seat because our 8-month old son is rapidly outgrowing his infant carrier. Our must haves include a rear-facing weight limit greater than 30lbs, continued use forward facing (65lbs or more), good reviews, and under $200. One with the ability to fit into a Subaru Legacy 2011, Subaru Forester 2001, and a mini van without difficulty would also be nice too. While we do plan on buying three seats (one for each vehicle so we won't have to switch the seat three times a day), it would be nice to only have to buy as few different seats as possible. Less 'change' for the kiddie and less research for the adults!

We're leaning toward the Evenflo Triumph LX because it has a decent price, good safety ratings, and fairly good customer reviews. However, it does seem a bit big. We're taking the Legacy (the smallest vehicle) to Babies R Us tonight for a test fit. The other cars will have their fittings later this week.

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Baby Won't Take Any Solids

Hi all! My 8.5 month old son won't hardly take any solids at home. (He will at daycare, apparently.) But we've tried everything - purees, small veggies, finely chopped proteins, bread, pasta, rice, steamed fruit - nada. He'll eat a banana, that's about it. We put him in a highchair and offer finger foods first, and when he refuses those, we offer purees, and when he refuses that, we either give him a banana or end the meal.

He still takes lots of breastmilk, and he has plenty of dirty diapers, so I'm not worried about him being sick. I know food is just supposed to be for "fun", but there's nothing very fun about what we're doing at this point - attempts at food seem to just end in crying.

Any ideas? Anyone else go through this at this age? I'm not sure what else to try. Thanks!


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