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December 1st, 2012

Baby Teeth

So I noticed today that one of my daughters front teeth is chipped, I have no clue how long it has been chipped but I'm not surprised as we've been having MAJOR trouble with her front teeth since she was probably a year or so old. The backs of the front two top teeth are completely black, I know they need work but we can't afford it and I think we probably make too much for her to be on Medicaid though I am putting threw an app at the moment for her (or would be if it didn't just go down for maintenance) and we can't afford private insurance. I've been brushing her teeth as much as she will let me but she usually ends up fighting me (like if I wanted to actually brush her teeth I'd have to hold her down and I don't want to do that it will just make it worse in the long run) though shes become more open to brushing her teeth here recently its still not really helping much.

We have taken her to a dentist and he wants to do things to her teeth.I can't remember exactly what, something along the lines of scraping out the bad parts and capping them while she is still awake but on a mix of iv and laughing gas.It however was going to cost almost 1000.00 which is something we tried to scrape together but we just weren't able to. I honestly have no clue what to do, I've asked the local county dental place and they don't do work on 3 year olds. I know this REALLY needs to be taken care of before it screws up her permanent teeth and I can't afford it I feel terrible. Her dad has terrible teeth and I don't want her to end up with those because they cause him a lot of pain but I'm stumped! Anyone got any ideas? We are currently located in Indiana if that helps. I'm looking at college dental programs atm but I don't know that they will work on her with her being so young :/


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