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Pack n Play cleaning?
SJ jammies
sarahjewel wrote in parenting101
What is the best way to clean a graco pack & play? Mainly the bottom flat fold-up piece the babes lay on. I'm unsure of what it's made of, which is why I wanted advice. I have ONE manual for it but there are no cleaning instructions.
My son has filthed it up and I don't want to have to buy a new one for my next baby due in May.


I always just wiped it down with baby wipes.

I have a Chicco pack-n-play type thing and it says to take out the wooden slats (that are inside the bottom part) and machine wash.

We just always used a pack and play sheet and mattress pad over it so we didn't have to worry about cleaning it.

That's what I plan on doing... once get this cleaned up. haha I never thought about it BEFORE, because I'm a moron. haha

You're not a moron, you're a mom :P

I was looking forward to the end of pregnancy-brain. Then I gave birth and realized mom-brain was the next curse in order, lol.

I KNOW. I haven't had my normal sharp brain for like 3 years now and it drives me NUTS how forgetful and dumb I've become! haha

Mine had a mattress pad thing overtop and I just threw it in the washing machine.

I just wiped it down and sat it out in the yard to dry for a few hours.

Plain water, or did you use anything else to clean it?

I always just used water and a mild cleaner (I think maybe dishsoap?) and scrubbed it all with a cloth, cause I just couldn't come up with a better way. Like when my 2nd baby smeared poop all over the mesh sides, LOL. But I, like you, wished I'd covered it or something, cause after a while I found it smelled like old milk even tho I wiped it whenever even a little bit of milk dripped on the mattress. I eventually started covering it with a blanket or crib sheet every time I used it. There's a mattress pad specifically for the pack + play?

THANKS. Why didn't I think to look there first? Ugh, mommy-brain!

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