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Blueberry allergy?
pink gwen
knava wrote in parenting101
I can't seem to find an answer to this online anywhere. My son ate blueberries for the first time today and broke out into hives anywhere the blueberry juice touched. His mouth, chin, neck and a spot or two on his belly. His lips or tongue didn't swell, he had no trouble breathing or seemed to be irritated or bothered by the blueberries in any other way. I gave him a bath and the hives went away in about half an hour. I'm really confused about this though, since the only helpful information I found was a story of a baby who broke into hives from strawberry juice dripping onto her but eating the strawberries didn't actually cause a reacttion. I take it this is the case here? (Obviously I'm going to talk to my ped. before I give him blueberries again, but I'm curious about similar reactions.)

Something similar seems to happen to me with strawberries-- I can eat them, but I can't get the juice on me (or use most products that smell like strawberries) because I break out in hives.

My kids do that with tomato products.

Were they raised hives, or flat red patches? My oldest son would get flat red patches wherever tomato products or cinnamon touched his skin. There was never any swelling or anything else happening, no itching or anything in his mouth and no reluctance to continue eating anything. I'm going to try to find a picture I took of him one time...

I suck at html, so the pictures are in my journal post now. Anyway, if that's what yours looked like, I wouldn't worry too much about it. Our ped said it was some skin sensitivity, and if it seemed to bother him just discontinue those foods, otherwise it's not a problem. My son's would fade in less than an hour.

If it's just a skin reaction, you can apply Vaseline to his face before he eats them again to help prevent the skin irritation.

spinach does that sometimes due to the oxalic acid.

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My daughter had the exact same reaction to blueberries when she was young. She has since completely grown out of it. I want to say it was around 3-4 yrs of age when she was accidentally given blueberry yogurt by Papa that we noticed no adverse effects. :)

I think my daughter used to have something similar with hummus. It didn't affect her to eat it, but if she got it on her face or arms those spots would turn reddish. It doesn't happen anymore, though.

Sometimes skin is just sensitive, and it's not necessarily an allergic reaction. Blueberries don't have as much acid as, say, tomatoes, but they do still have a fair amount.

We're starting to do food challenges for my food-allergic preschooler, and the allergist specifically warned us that if we accidently get the food around his mouth instead of on his lips/tongue, his skin might get irritated but it's not an allergic reaction.

a friend of mines little boy had an allergy to blueberries, he couldn't even eat artifical stuff.

His skin could just be sensitive, or it could have been a very mild reaction.

The same thing happend to my son!


2009-07-14 12:31 am (UTC)

How old is your son??

The same thing happend to us two days ago! My MIL told me that she and my son (2 years old) shared an entire container of blueberries - the next day he broke out in a terrible rash! It's strange to me though, because he's had a few, like 5, blueberries before and this has never happend, but apprently he loved them so much he kept eating them....the entire container! What worries me though is he's had this rash for three days now.

I don't know if it was the blueberries, the orange juice I drank (he seems to have a reaction when I drink it, but a diaper rash/I'm breastfeeding), or the interesting article down below about being allergic to cold water (?wow!). My son was playing in the baby pool that day as well.

These web sites were very helpful in figuring out what type of rash he has and causes:

From Dr. Green's web site:
What Causes Hives?
"Cold urticaria -- Hives that are triggered by exposure to cold water or air. This would be a good excuse to avoid swimming in cold pools (something my kids love for me to do).


(scroll down to the Hives section - very informative, especially about cold water/baby swimming pool)

(pictures of different types of rashes)

Here is a picture of my son's hives rash...blueberries I wonder????


Oops, sorry that picture came out so big!

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