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Car Seat programs
celica18l wrote in parenting101
I know how much you guys love these questions but I don't know where else to ask.

My good friend has a 6mo baby and she still has him in his infant carrier car seat because she can't afford another one. Literally they have no money to play with whatsoever she can barely afford groceries.

I was given two used car seats when I was pregnant one is too old to pass along and the other was given to us by a friend who never really used it because it was in his car and his kid was never with him they always took his wife's car. I've held onto it for my friend because I know they have no money but I'm so leary about giving her a used car seat. She really needs a convertible (and rear facing this one is not rear facing) but in TN the law states 20lbs OR 1 year not and so she could tech forward face him.

I've been trying to find a program for free car seats but I have no idea where to even start the search. Anyone have any idea where I can go to find a convertible (hopefully rear facing) car seat for my friend? If it makes any different we live in Memphis, TN. I plan to give the local WIC office a call (she is on wic already) to see what they can do.

Thanks in advance :)

what's wrong with the infant seat? what does her baby weigh? mine daughter moved out of her infant seat at 18 months.

This. While I did move my son to a convertible seat around 6 months, it's by no means a requirement. I only moved my son out of his infant seat because he was outgrowing it lengthwise, but he wasn't quite there yet. I just had a spare for a couple of months until he officially outgrew it.

nothing is wrong w/ his infant seat other than it's too small lol. He's 24lbs and almost an inch from the top. I already think he's met the weight requirement but I'm not 100% sure the brand of her seat yet.

How much does the 6mo old weigh? And are you saying that the seat you're looking at giving her doesn't rear face? If that's the case then it is not a convertible seat. A convertible seat goes from rear facing to front facing. Despite what the law says in your area, it's ridiculous to have a 6mo old baby forward facing - it's extremely unsafe. Chubbier baby =/= stronger baby.

he's 24lbs. I agree that it's crazy to forward face so early. My 12.5m son is rear facing and will continue to do so for a while. I kept the seat in the thought that her sonw ouldn't need one so early but he needs it so I am trying to help out in finding a convertible seat for her.

Can she afford a Scenara?

I also saw ComfortSports on clearance at my local Target for $50 this past weekend.

She literally cannot afford anything they have to budget gas for one way trips and they have no spending money for anything bit needs.

Her infant should stay in the rear-facing infant seat at least until she is 20 pounds AND 1 year old. Some infant seats do have higher weight allowances, so they can stay in them even longer.

With that said, call your local hospitals. I know that the ones here in metro ATL have car seat programs that they coordinate with the counties. Here's a good place to start.

The link went to the OH page, and not the TN page, but you can contact:

SAFE KIDS Tennessee State
Led by: Le Bonheur Children's Medical Center
Coordinator: Susan Helms
850 Poplar Avenue
Building 1
Memphis, TN 38105

thank you for this and the next comment. I'll definately look into this. NEVER thought about the friggin hospital.

You're mistaken on TN law as well. The below pretty clearly reads to me that any child under 1 year of age MUST be secured rearfacing.


# Children under one (1) year of age, or any child, weighing twenty (20) pounds or less, must be secured in a child passenger restraint system in a rear facing position, meeting federal motor vehicle safety standards, in a rear seat, if available, or according to the child safety restraint system or vehicle manufacturer's instructions. (Note: If the child safety seat has a higher rear-facing weight rating, usually 30 or 35 pounds, it may be continued to be used in a rear-facing position so long as the child's weight permits. Check the manufacturers instructions accompanying the child safety seat for more information.)
# Children age one (1) through age three (3), and weighing more than twenty (20) pounds, must be secured in a child safety seat in a forward facing position in the rear seat, if available, or according to the child safety restraint system or vehicle manufacturer's instructions.

ty for this I was mistaken. Our first pediatrician always used to say "Please keep him rear facing until he's 20lbs or 1 year of age." When I asked it if was either or he said it didn't matter as long as he met one of the two requirements. We don't see him anymore lol.

It's quite possible the previous version of the law read in a way that could have been read like that (TN's laws were revised 2004) and the ped hadn't caught up with the changes.

When the first versions of the carseat laws came about, I think there was the presumption that MOST kids hit 12 months and 20 pounds around the same time, so there wasn't necessarily a reason to distinguish. They were mainly concerned about the kids that didn't hit 20lbs by 1 year.

Then people came to the realization that we live in a time when 24 lb six month olds are not unheard of.

She could make a post on her local freecycle asking for one. I would not forward face a 6 month old, though, at any weight.

This. my local free cycle is helpful for all sorts of things

Where does she live? I have an extra car seat that was bought last year. It's a Cosco Scenera and the only reason I am not using it is because I went and bought a Recaro when they went on sale.

Oh, nm, I can read. Tennessee.. hmm, I wonder how much it would cost to ship this?

Edited at 2009-09-21 02:35 pm (UTC)

How much are u planning to sell it for? Idk how much it would cost where do u live?

I didn't buy it, so I'd just send it. If you wanted to cover shipping, that would be cool. I live in KS.

Yeah let me look into shipping costs how much does it weigh?

Walmart.com lists shipping weight as 10 lbs. I can take it to UPS to get a shipping estimate since I'd personally trust them with something this large more than the USPS.

I have a fedex account so that would be easiest as no money would need to be exchanged this is too nice of u let me get you email and we can exchange info

neaira.awakened at gmail dot com

We got one from the health dept when we lived in Virginia.
Hell, I have one that my 3.5 year old just outgrew(no accidents or anything, just a convertible up to 40 pounds and my daughter is right on the edge but a little chubby hah) but I live in southern Indiana.
But yeah, I'd suggest the health dept or just calling social services and seeing what is available.

(Deleted comment)
My son outgrew his infant at 5 months for being too long. Her son has outgrown his by weight so that's why she needs a new set because it's not safe for him anymore.

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