"B" (thatfleetingirl) wrote in parenting101,

Pack n Play mattresses....

I need to find a way to make his pack n' play comfortable enough for every night sleep. I looked up pack n play mattress on Amazon and found this. (I wasn't aware there were mattresses for pack n plays somehow...) Do any of you have any experience with these? Mine is an older Graco general sized pack n play that I actually bought for $15 from craigslist and it's been great. It's not fancy but it's nice and it does the trick.

ETA: Right now, the bottom of it is just the thin blue tri-fold thing and I pile blankets on top. There's no real mattress. Maybe it came with it? I don't know. Anyways, hopefully I can find a mattress and a thick mattress cover and sheets so it's as comfy as a "real" bed.

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