Zanne (shy_extravert) wrote in parenting101,

Drop-off birthday parties

Parents of older kids: Assuming the invitation doesn't specify, at what age would you start asking the parents whether it was a drop-off party?  At what age(s) would you think it was weird if some invitee's parent called and asked whether it was drop-off, both too young and too old?

Why I ask: I'm an attempting-to-reform helicopter parent and also apparently just not-so-much with the social clues.  I hadn't really thought about dropping him off at parties yet until the most recent party we attended; most of the parents stayed and 3 or 4 dropped their kids off.  

My secret selfish reason: What can I do to make it clear that Kiddo's birthday party is not drop off?  There's no way I'm interested in supervising 10 four year olds.  

Also, my original subject line was "drop-off parties," but re-reading it looked like "drop-off panties."  I should have left it, y/y?
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