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toddler yeast infection

how would i know if my daughter has a yeast infection?

when i called the consulting nurse, she made it sound like it wasn't possible for a 22-month old to have a vaginal yeast infection. she said there is yeast diaper rash, occurring in both boys and girls, but that its easy to see because it gives them huge angry red spots on the skin in the diaper area.

this is clearly not what's going on with my daughter.

she finished a round of abx for a double ear infection about a week ago. we got thrush (of course) and are treating with gv because nystatin sucks anyway.

so it was just about that time, (a week ago when she was finishing her abx) that she started refusing to be in a wet diaper at all. she stripped naked at every opportunity. at first i attributed this to her potty-learning.

last night, at 11 p.m. i found her at the door of the bedroom standing in a puddle of pee, holding her dry diaper. she also took off her diaper first thing this morning as well. i still was thinking it was because she wants to potty (she went poop in it yesterday, yay!) until she started telling me this morning that her jay-jay hurt (yes, she says jay-jay, live with it)

my mom was here for 10 minutes, heard all this, and said, "could she have a yeast infection?"

and that was without even knowing about the abx!

anyway, back to the phone nurse. even though she couldn't tell me what it IS, she was so sure it couldn't be yeast (she has no rash, no foul smell, no discharge.) she just says it hurts, refuses to sit in wetness, and has been clawing at herself today especially. so she IS red, but that's from scratching i assume ... also, she has had plenty of naked time in her life, so i'm fairly sure it's not just like "hey what's this thing between my legs? i want to poke it!"

so the nurse wants the doctor to look and decide ... but it sounded on the phone like she thought it was nothing and just the baby being a baby. and up until today, i kind of thought that too ...

but, i do trust my daughter, the last time she said something hurt, it was her ear and it turned out that it was SUPER infected. but i'm worried they are going to give her something that either doesn't work (like nystatin doesn't work for thrush) or something that has horrible side-effects (like the abx are why she is having so much trouble with yeast in the first place)

if it were me, i'd use a vinegar rinse and a clove of garlic, because i've found that natural treatments tend to work better than medical ones anyway, plus they are cheaper :-)

but for a baby? when you aren't even sure if that's what's wrong? it seems like way way over the top ... my husband's suggestion was plain yogurt, because it seemed like it wouldn't hurt her either way ...

can a toddler have a vaginal yeast infection? (not yeast diaper rash) and should we use plain yogurt on her or leave it to the doctor to decide if she needs treatment and what to use?
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