jently (mybatteryheart) wrote in parenting101,

Chicken Pox without the fever?

I woke my 2.5 yr old daughter up this morning, and lo and behold, when we took off her pajama top there is a rash that looks suspiciously similar to chicken pox.  The rash itself is not bad at all, just a very few spots on her back and chest.  It's the similarity of the bumps to chicken pox that caused my alarm.

My question is, is it possible to develop a chicken pox rash with no other symptoms?

From everything I have read (and can remember), chicken pox is usually accompanied by flu like symptoms and a fever starting 1-2 days before developing the rash.  She has had no other symptoms (sore throat, lethargy, etc) and is playing and acting totally normal.  The only other issue she's had is a runny nose for the past week or so. 

If need be I will obviously take her to the doctor, but if there is no chance this is chicken pox then I question the need to go as the rash itself is so mild.  She had no idea she had the rash until we took off her pajama top and pointed it out.  It wasn't until she realized she had the rash that she started feeling itchy, BUT she has also at that age where anything suggested to her she automatically thinks she has and has been going around in dramatic fashion complaining about all matters of issues she is NOT dealing with (pretending her leg is hurt, faking coughs, etc).  The areas she is "itching" aren't even where the rash is at and she's really not scratching but just going through the motions of scratching, if that makes sense.

Anyhow, any input is welcomed.  I am keeping a close eye on her and trying to decide what to do.
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