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Baby staring off into space
fish_are_icky wrote in parenting101
Does anyone's babies stare off into space?
My 8 month old has been doing that for a while every now and then (Once every 1-3 days about). She doesn't blink or respond to her name or a hand waving in front of her. I figured she was just deep in thought but then I googled it and read about seizures and neurological disorders. Now Im not sure whether to panick or keep thinking that I have a day-dreamer. Do your kids do this? Normal or not?

my kid will do that, it's pretty funny. Sometimes she'll start smiling/laughing and I think she sees a ghost lol

mine too! Sometimes it totally looks like she is interacting with someone.

We were at my Grandma's funeral on Friday and she was on my lap giggling quietly and later someone was all "maybe Grandma was making her lol as a ghost" and I just smiled because I thought it was funny and sweet at the same time. It does make me wonder :)


my daughter was and still does sometimes stare off ill call her name like 5-6 times and she keeps staring lol and then laughs

My 8 month old son doesn't seem to stare "into space," but we have a really really really small house, so maybe he IS staring into space and I'm thinking he's looking at something random really intently. Like he always does it in the master bedroom, looks into the closet and sometimes laughs. Won't respond to his name being called right away either when this happens. What frogger414 said about ghosts.

My eight month old only does this when he's woken up from a nap and I haven't come to get him yet. I've walked into the room to get him and he was staring, un-blinking at the crib bumper just chewing on his thumb. Last time he didn't even notice be until I said "BOO!", in which he looked visibly surprised. If you're concerned about it, call your doctor and ask. If it is something else, it would be great to catch it really early.

When my daughter was a baby and she did that we would say she was looking at the fairies.

I think it's normal. But if it worries you, talk to your Ped.

This is what we said about it too when DD would do that a lot :) I should, uh, probably add that she's 23 months/20 months adjusted and has lots of conversations with her reflection in the cabinet handles, so... she could be nuts. Whatever. :p

I think what you are describing is normal.


2011-04-20 10:30 pm (UTC)

I'm convinced this is where the "Babies/kids can see ghosts" thing comes from!

Re: I think what you are describing is normal.


2011-04-20 11:54 pm (UTC)

This! My daughter would stare at specific spots, like a corner... then as she got older she'd wave at that spot. Alone in the house with her at night, it was a bit freaky.

My daughter has done it since she was a baby, she still does it at 3. Funny thing is, I do it too! My husband thinks it is hereditary, hahahaa. He calls us "the zoners".

My daughter did the same thing around that age but she grew out of it. I, on the other hand, am 34 and I still do it!

I think of questions like this in terms of an adult. Do you ever daydream and stare off into space? I know I do. I don't think daydreaming is an adult specific habit.And, to repeat what was said above, Googling is scary.

I think it's totally normal - my 11 month old does it. Totally a trait he's inherited from his father, lol.

My almost 10 month old son does this. He did it even more when he was just a wee small. I could not for the life of me sort out what was going on til I realized that he was watching the reflection of sunlight/headlights off cars going by our street level home. Now it's just funny to watch him stare at it.

my daughter does it when she's tired.

My almost 5 months old does it, sometimes. My mom commented that in the old times, people said that babies did that when they saw angels.

My guess is that it's a normal thing.

This actually happened to ME when I was little. Check out your little one's eyes. Apparently when I had the "zone out" seizures, my eyes would roll slightly upwards.
This only happened to me twice. They never put me on medication for it (though I was taken to the doctor where they ran tests and confirmed the seizure) and I'm totally fine and seizure-free for over 26 years.

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