shippygrl (shippygrl) wrote in parenting101,

things to do with kids when YOU'RE sick

So it's unavoidable that I have to go to work tomorrow~I got hit in the face with a cold, I'm in the worst days of it, but I'm leaving for a 10 day vacation Sunday so I can't really call off from work tomorrow (luckily Friday is a preschool day, so I'll only work from 1 to 6)

Aside from discouraging cuddling, what do you suggest I DO with a clingy 4.5 year old and an almost 3 year old?  I was thinking making it a movie day. I'm very good about their tv consumption, but this seems like a situation where Disney Junior might be my best friend. Neither of them are big on independant play, they prefer to snuggle and read books or play games, they usually won't just play together in the playroom without me being a part of it.

*note to add the parents are usually good about not making me work when I'm sick, but this is so close to a vacation and would be a big inconvenience to them to call off.  They also understand that most of the time, it's their kids that have given me whatever I have :-P Boychild had this one first, it wouldn't surprise me if girlchild is feeling poorly tomorrow too.
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