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Rash identification chart
alathia wrote in parenting101
My son gets chronic idiopathic hives, and our allergist referred me to this site that is pretty informative about different rashes (so I don't freak out all the time whenever he gets a rash). Since we get a lot of "what does this rash look like" questions, i thought I'd share with P101.

Common rashes and other skin conditions.

Hope it's helpful!

I bookmarked it, thanks :)

Thank you! Super helpful!!

Someone, somewhere (possibly here) pointed out once that these rashes often look different (depending on the rash) on non white skin. There IS a picture chart somewhere that shows the rash on white and black skin but I can't remember where. Just rambling in the hopes it might be vaguely useful for someone. It is out there and someone who's had more coffee might be able to remember where.

Wow, very helpful. Wish I had access to this 21 years ago! :)

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