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Mystery Fever?
bratty_lil_fae wrote in parenting101
My son has 102.3 fever. But no signs of being sick. He is slightly whiney, but that could just be because he didn't sleep well last night. He's not puking, not lethargic, his eyes are bright and clear. He has a history of chronic ear infections, but isn't showing any of his usual ear infection symptoms. So far I'm not treating the fever, figure it needs to run its course. Just curious if anybody had any ideas for what might be causing a mystery fever.

Side notes, he is 19 months, and has all of his teeth short of his 2 year molars.

it could possibly be an ear infection they dont always pull on ears (and i dont know what his normal symptoms are for them) or just him fighting off an infection... id give it a day or so to see where it goes b4 id worry to much

for him ear infection symptoms are more... weirdness nursing, loss of balance, grumpiness, and poor sleep. He has always played with his ears a lot :P0202

Could be starting to get a cold, or whatever other illness. I wouldn't even try to speculate what was wrong unless there were other signs. For all you know, it could be a bladder infection. It could be a cold. It could be anything. I'd just wait it out and see what happens for the moment - chances are something will show up.

FWIW, mine this week spiked a 103 fever on Monday but was otherwise okay although tired. Tuesday morning, she puked all over the place. *shrugs*

he could just be fighting a bug. That is how babies fight infection, with fevers. Since he doesn't have any other symptoms, it's probably nothing serious. If it were me, I'd give a fever of that temp some advil and hope it doesn't progress into something worse. If he keeps up with the fever over 101.5 for more than 3 days , I'd call the ped.

My oldest did that a few times last year - he had a mystery fever for a day or so, and it would disappear, then come back in a week or two and it lasted about 6 weeks before he had it for about 3 or 4 days straight and was absolutely miserable. It's probably nothing serious unless it persists. If it's still that high before bedtime, I'd give some advil or tylenol because fevers are more likely to spike higher overnight. Otherwise I wouldn't worry for now.

what did your son end up having?

We still don't know. It was probably a cold or flu or teething or some combination. The doctor never did run any blood tests and after the final few days it didn't come back.

My daughter (2) has been running a fever the past couple days (goes between 102-103) and feels bad at the height of it but goes back to normal-acting after a dose of tylenol or advil. She hasnt' complained of anything else hurting so I have no idea what is going on. We will just wait it out!

Could be anything but without it going for a couple days straight it's hard to tell. My daughter had Roseola and it was just the fever with her being perfectly fine otherwise for like a week, then she was covered in spots. She's also had a UTI and the only symptom was a fever. But there have also been lots of times that she just spiked a 104 F fever for 24 hours and then it went away, lol. Kids are strange.

probably a virus ;)

(Stock-standard answer - most things are viruses!) Sometimes kids' bodies do such a good job of fighting things off with just a fever that we never really know what they're fighting off. I always keep a close watch for spots when a fever presents with no other initial symptoms, as a lot of spotty illnesses start with fever/being just slightly unwell.

My daughter had a fever with no other symptoms once and it turned out to be Roseola. After the fever went away the spots came :)

Has he had roseola before? My DD is 14 mos, last week was cutting one of her first molars and had an ear infection, she woke up in the middle of the night crying, had a fever of 102.6. Her fever lasted for 2 days then went away. We attributed it to an unusual ear infection symptom that was treated by antibiotics that came into effect, as 2 days after the fever broke, she had been on antibiotics for 2 days. 24-48 hrs after her fever was gone, she broke out with a rash all over her body. 24-48 hrs later, the rash was gone.


We call this kind of thing "Toddler-itis"-random virus that toddlers get with a fever and irritability but no other specific symptoms that make it clear what the illness is. We generally leave the fever alone unless the child is really miserable or if it's interfering with sleep and it runs it's course in a couple of days.

Occasionally you'll get something like a rash after the fact that makes it clear it was roseola, but usually it's just a random bug. My older daughter was prone to this-it seems to have slowed down a little in the last year (she's almost 4 now) but my younger daughter doesn't seem to get toddler-itis as often.

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