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I need a P101 reality check...

My 4-year old is currently in martial arts, which I try to bring him to as often as possible, so 3 days a week (at the minimum we go once a week). Now that summer is coming, he won't be in school three days a week. I wanted to sign him up for swimming classes with the town's Parks & Rec department, which would be 4 days a week. As I was flipping through the brochure, I unthinkingly asked him if he wanted to take basketball classes as well, and he was pretty enthusiastic (seriously, kid? You pick the ONE sport that I know nothing about and find mind-numbingly boring?). That would be one day a week.

So if we do sign him up for all of these activities, our summer schedule would look something like this:

Sunday: Indian Cultural group (can get very physical)
Monday: Swimming
Tuesday: Swimming, Karate
Wednesday: Swimming
Thursday: Swimming, Karate
Friday: Karate, Basketball (This would mean switching his private Karate lesson around a bit, possibly to Saturday ohdeargod)

This is too much for a not-particularly-athletic four-year-old, isn't it? He enjoys being active, and is very enthusiastic about new activities. We can definitely afford it all (Parks and Rec classes are pretty cheap, just ask Leslie Knope), and it would help me be a better mom if we had a set routine for the summer. I'm just worried about him getting too tired to handle it. Also I'd have to haul the baby around to all of these activities as well, and he'll be in his "put me down I wanna try to crawl" phase.

If this were your kid, how would you prioritize?
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