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Craft sharing post!
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newreflections wrote in parenting101
Is anyone doing any crafts with your preschooler to give to grandma for mothers day?
I think were doing these "Artwork candles" that I found on pinterest.
What is everyone else doing?



I am making these little marble magnets- they look so cute and easy!

(Deleted comment)
These marbles are supposed to be in craft stores around their floral or glassware area. I've even been told that they are at some Family Tree stores. I went to Michaels today but they only had about 1/2" inch stones- and according to the website, 1" or larger stones work best. I am hoping I can find them before Sunday! Good Luck and Happy Mother's Day!

I found both sizes at Michaels a couple of months ago for a similar project. The larger ones were not exactly round, but they still worked for our magnet project.

we just did some soaps. craft stores sell a base you melt down and add food coloring and oil-based scent to. we had some candy molds we used to mold them.

I teach twos and we did these in class this week...

Only we made them into magnets.

And this card...

Only I just did the hand print heart thing, and it said "High Five, Mommy" on the front...

My older DD and niece (both 2.5) made bouquets of egg carton flowers for both grandmas. I'm totally stealing the above card idea for my younger DD! :D

We made these for the grandmas last Sunday night , ironed them on Tuesday morning and mailed them regular first class in manila envelopes and they got there on Thursday and Friday! I was so happy with how it all turned out.

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