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Trying for Baby #2

I'm just wondering if anyone has any experience with getting pregnant after stopping Depo Provera. I know the statistics say it can take any where from 3 months to 2 years, but I have to believe it can happen sooner since if you miss your two week window by even a day they make you take a pregnancy test before giving you the shot.

I was on Depo prior to getting pregnant the first time, but since that time we didn't have a clear time frame on when we wanted to get pregnant, they had me switch to Micronor (basically the pill form of Depo) for a while since it doesn't take as long to clear your system. I was off Depo for about 7 months and off the Micronor for 3 weeks when I got pregnant last time.

We're just hoping for a short time frame since there is a very high possibility that my husband will be going overseas in the near future. We also don't want a huge age gap between the kids. Our daughter will be 2 in August so there will already be 3 years between them.

I didn't want to use the Micronor this time because I didn't like the emotional side effects it caused last time. I also don't have many options when it comes to birth control. I have to stick to the progesterone only kinds because of my migraines. So I'm hoping things will work out ok. The end of my two week window is the 1st so in theory the Depo should be out of my system by the 2nd. I'm just not sure if that's really how it works.

Any thoughts/tips/advice are welcome!
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