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Battery backup baby monitor
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thejoysofjess wrote in parenting101
Our baby monitor has battery backup on the parent side, which is great. We can go out in the lawn and whatnot and still take the monitor with us and hear him.

But today we lost power (unrelated to the storm) for not the first time. The child side does NOT have battery backup, so this makes the baby monitor useless. Right now, I have one kid, so when the power is out and I'm aware (which we always are, my husband's stupid backup batteries scream when they come on), I just go sleep in his room. When I add a second child, that won't be an option necessarily if they're in two different rooms.

Is there a baby monitor that has battery backup on the CHILD side too? Doesn't need to be video. I'm good with sound only.

Pretty sure our Angel Care one does. You have to hunt around but they sell one that's just a noise monitor (not the breathing mats that they're known for.)

Our cheap-o Safety First monitor has battery options for all pieces (monitor and two receivers).

Our monitor is the video one by summer that can have the camera pan as well as zoom in and out. It can be strictly audio, but it was not the cheapest one.

You could make a remote power supply? It's what we are doing.

There is this one: http://www.amazon.com/Levana-Wireless-Monitor-Indicator-LV-TW100/dp/B004CLZHA6/
Lindam do an excellent one but I couldn't find it on Amazon so I'm not sure if it is a brand you get in the US.

Is the alternative really to sleep in his room? You don't think you'll hear him cry from your room?

The only thing I use the monitor for is being two floors away in the TV room. At night I'm one room over and hear her fine.

His room is on the other side of the house and I'm a heavy sleeper. I already sleep with the monitor as loud as it will go and don't wake immediately.

are you expecting another baby? :)

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