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Random Questions

You guys are always so helpful and I really appreciate it :)

1) My daughter is now 17 months and she's turning out to be like her dads side of the family. Shes 22 pounds,and 36" tall. Essentially, super skinny and super tall. This has made finding her clothes really hard for me in addition to not having a ton of time to shop as it is. Lengthwise, as far as pants and the such she is easily 24M/2T as far as her waist goes she can fit into 12M, and sometimes 18M, and anything else hangs off of her. She has two pairs of 18 months jeans and both are honestly a bit too short, but they are still big around her waist, and fall down a bit. How do I find her pants that are long enough for her legs but fit her waist? I have tried one piece outfits but I struggle even more with those.

2) I did a bit of research after she was born and thought I had picked out a good car seat. I hate it. Its a pain to get in and out of the car, and even more of a pain to tighten or loosen the straps. Its super heavy and also awkward to carry if I'm traveling. I'm looking for something thats convertible as shes not forward facing yet but will last her through being a toddler. I prefer something easy to carry/not heavy, and easy to install and figure out. Any general ideas, or brands, or specific models are appreciated. What she has now is a Safety First Complete Air. Also, we have a CR-V and the carseat doesn't even fit the way that its suppose to which is apparently common with this seat.

3) My daughter is still not walking and I know some kids don't until as late as 19 months or so but being a first time mom I was concerned, my pediatrician referred me to the Early Intervention here. She has her first appointment next week and I'm a bit apprehensive and worried that they will tell me somethings wrong. On top of that, she doesn't really talk at all and she seems behind in everything. I was talking to a few moms the other day and they were going on about how good their 13-18 month kids are at shape sorters. While my daughter has one, and likes it, she is nowhere near knowing which shape goes in which hole. She would much rather chuck it across the room. I know "every kid" is different and all that but she just seems behind in every area and my family just tells me I'm paranoid. Has anyone been through early intervention / did it help? Has anyone had kids that were a bit behind compare to other kids, but just fine? I guess I'm just looking for some consolation. Every other kid I know, younger and at her age is walking and talking, and can do stuff like shape sorters so I'm just a bit worried somethings wrong.

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