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Child Proofing Question
beautifulriot wrote in parenting101
How do I child-proof my sliding glass door now that my two year old can un-do the lock? It goes straight out to a bunch of brick steps and down to a patio and is just an accident waiting to happen. She knows she isn't supposed to touch it, but she is also two and has the impulse control to prove it.

I would prefer something that doesn't require ruining the door, but I need something that will work.

Oh, and we tried putting a piece of wood in the track so it couldn't slide but she caught onto that immediately.

I have no specific advice but I feel for you. I installed super-high-up chain locks on all the exterior doors to my house, and a childproof anti-door-opener-thingy on the basement door. My 2.5yo is obsessed with doors and light switches.

A well-sized dowel is not easily removed from the track, but you can also mount a locking pin higher up on the slider (used by most hotels on the sliders to their balconies) or use a locking bar that comes across the door at the midpoint.

Home Depot sells locks that you install at the top of the track. Cheap, and it took my DH about 5 minutes to put on ours.

Yep, this.

I have seen this done in multiple homes with children who get out (or pool owners who don't want their kids to get out to the pool without their knowing)

We had a locking bar that got installed at about waist-height.

I am not sure how strong your LO is, but I remember my mom gave me a bunch of these for my windows when I was living alone (protective mama):




They can be screwed on pretty tightly so your daughter won't be able to unscrew them, BUT if this patio area is a place you go to often and will need to be coming in and out, these might be a HUGE hassle. These could easily be placed at the TOP of the track as well so LO doesn't mess with them or try to fidget with them so they come loose and could pose a chocking hazard if she's still curious and puts things in her mouth.

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We use this:


We still use it for my 6 year old, although its high enough now that he can't reach it. When he was like 4 he started being able to reach where it was so we moved it up.

My grandparents have a small hole drilled in the upper track that you put a metal rod into that prevents the door from opening.

One of those tension shower curtain rods, installed up high? Same concept as the piece of wood, ut outside of her reach.

We use one of these for the main toilet because our daughter is one of those kids who throws EVERYTHING in the toilet. I imagine, because it's flexible and easy to unlatch, that it would work well for the top of a patio door - with one end stuck to the door itself and the other stuck to the door frame or adjacent wall.

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We use the tension shower rod way up high.

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