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Dear P101, help me out!

My 3-month-old has had a cold for almost three weeks now. He had fever for two or three days around 1,5 weeks but he has been feverless for well over a week now. As of right now he is slightly congested and has a cough, no other symptoms. He is happy and acts very much like a normal 3-month-old despite the slight cold.

My problem is that he doesn't nap well in his crib or cradle or anywhere else inside. Except in my lap, attached to my boob. I have a sling and a carrier but those don't work too well, he will scream. He doesn't like being restrained, so swaddling doesn't work either. He doesn't use a pacifier, I've tried recently but he only uses it for a bit and then spits it out and it does nothing to the quality of his naps. I use loud white noise when he sleeps but it only helps him not to wake up when I make noise around the apartment, but it doesn't make him sleep longer.

He generally sleeps only for about 10 minutes inside, before he will wake up.

But he sleeps REALLY WELL outside on the balcony in his stroller. Like really super well, he will sleep at least 2 hours every time and most of the time wakes up maybe once or twice and is soothed immediately back to sleep when I go and rock the stroller.

The thing is, however, that it's currently 6℃/43F outside! I bundle him up warmly and I know how to dress him so he will be warm but not sweating in the stroller, and my balcony has glass panes so not much wind gets there, and the stroller's open side is facing inside (away from the wind) anyway, and I generally cover it with a light cloth and leave just a crack so air will change inside the stroller.

However, I'm worried that the cold air will prolong his cold! He is definitely dressed appropriately but his face is exposed to cold air and he breathes cold air. I think the air is warmer inside the stroller because of his body heat and because I keep the stroller inside whenever he doesn't sleep in there (so I don't put him in a cold stroller), but the temperature inside the stroller is still far from room temperature of course.

So my choices are these:

1. Have him sleep outside so he will get loads of sleep which is important for healing, but expose his face and lungs to cool air.
2. Try to make him sleep inside, which will mean he won't get much sleep during the day and he will be cranky and tired, but at least he's not exposed to cold air which I worry might prolong his cold.


What would you do?

1. Decent sleep is more important so I would put him to sleep outside despite his cold and the cool weather
2. I would deal with a cranky, tired baby that doesn't nap until the cold is properly healed

Remember, he doesn't have a fever, only a runny nose and cough!

I have had him sleep in his stroller normally and his cold hasn't gotten worse, but it's not getting better either, and it's been 2 days short of 3 weeks now. :(

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