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Boy's pants
quantum box
hjart wrote in parenting101
So my 3.5 year old just went through yet another growth spurt. He is an athletic 36 lb, 42 inch tall boy. We had been compromising with 3T slim fit pants with the waist button adjusters cinched in all the way to get the length he needed. But he grew and now his ankle bones are sticking out, again. He was wearing 18m and 2T shorts last summer and they fit great in the waist. I've been garage sale shopping over the last year and picked up literally 23 pairs of 4T pants across brands and styles hoping to find something that worked. None of them cinch in far enough to keep his pants up. The pants that fit him best are a pair of size 5 girl cords that slipped into the mix, but being too long and embellished with pink swirls and hearts makes them not the greatest choice. :( So, short of letting him eat his whole halloween haul at once in hopes of packing on an ounce of fat, any thoughts? Brands to try? Widgets to keep pants up?

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