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Daycare incident

Okay P101, this is probably off-topic (it's not about my kid/directly about parenting), but I figured it would be a good place to ask.

This morning when I dropped off my daughter at daycare, there was a tiny baby in a car seat behind the front desk. The lobby area is pretty small, but there is a small office space behind the front desk. No adult (staff or parent) was at the desk or in the lobby. The baby was crying and crying. I checked in the office behind the desk -- no one was in there either. I wasn't quite sure what to do... I rocked the seat a bit, tried to comfort without touching the baby (and while holding my 3.5 year old daughter in one arm -- she was upset by the crying baby too). Then I took my daughter with me through the door and into the daycare and informed the nearest teacher that there was a tiny baby unattended and crying at the desk.

As the teacher and I (and my kid) went toward the front desk, a woman walked by, swung the car seat handle up over her arm, and left. I assume that was the baby's mother, and that she had left the baby behind the front desk when she took her other kid(s) back to their rooms in the daycare.

I assume, as well, that the staff usually at the front desk weren't there when the mom put the baby behind the desk, or that the staff wouldn't leave such a tiny baby unattended no matter what.

Frankly, the incident really bothered me. While nothing happened other than the baby cried (although to me, that's bad enough!), something really bad *could* have happened. I did inform a teacher about the baby being left unattended -- should I also inform the daycare's director?

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