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*The* potty, not *to* potty...

I've checked the tags and didn't find exactly what I was looking for, so I thought I'd ask for some personal experiences (well, or personal-by-proxy) to my luxury problem. :P

Currently we've had this seat (linked to Amazon) in our main toilet for a while. (I originally saw it in the IKEA family toilet for customers - they're not selling it - and wanted to have it right away, haha, so best husband of all got us one. It does the trick when we put him on it, and has the advantage of not adding extra items to our bathroom, only the little stool we got from IKEA is a bit too small with 13cms.

With a higher stool (which would be the logical conclusion) like the one from Baby Björn or any other brand, he is able to climb up on his own, but I've seen that he keeps accidentally grabbing into the toilet/at the inner edge of the seat for stabilizing himself when climbing up... :| I'm not paranoid about bacteria at all, but it got me thinking how to optimize that. I've been wondering if any of you could share their experience with one of these kiddy ladder thingies (linked to Amazon) , or similar builds.

Originally I liked most that there are grip holes at the top for climbing up, and thought it was just a ladder (unfortunately, "just a ladder" doesn't seem to exist). I'm not exactly needing the seat, since son can just use the other bathroom, but thought about getting it for our second toilet anyway, which has no kiddy seat so far.

Or is it totally useless? Please share your experiences if you have them, because the reviews on Amazon Germany are really mixed, and many people complained about a similar product from another brand (which I linked to in the comments) that had quality issues, namely breaking of screws and the lower plastic step. The one above seems to be okay so far, but I'm not sure if it's really practical or if I'm just a victim of another marketing gag.

As I'm usually holding his hands, we're also fine with just the normal seat in the second bathroom and getting a regular stool, but the ladder thing looks neat, if a bit bulky. My husband will be dancing dances of joy when he doesn't have to see yet another addition to our apartement, so be honest! :-)

We're very leniently potty training, i.e. encouraging son (turning three in january) to use the toilet (or shower, or potty), but since he doesn't seem to be fully ready and is still young, we're not forcing anything. So far he'll mostly notice that he's got to pee and pipe up, and then pee into the toilet, but with exception of yesterday he prefers to poop in silence, into diapers, and to hide afterwards. We're noticing that he's doing good when we leave him naked waist down, but since he's been having colds on and off I haven't been able to let him run free as much as I'd have liked so far (I'm always thinking there will be a next summer after all...).

I hope I didn't screw those LJ-cuts up.

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