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Nov. 7th, 2012

Thanks all for the comments on my nightweaning entry. It's actually been going pretty well - she's getting better and better at getting herself back to sleep without help from us - but this cough she's got is putting a bit of a wrench in it.

She's been off and on sick for a few months - she's been in daycare since she turned 1, so this seems pretty normal, but the past few nights her cough has been really bothering her. She has a bit of a runny nose but not too bad, it's mostly just this terrible coughing, causing her to wake up way more than usual. Her appetite has been really off too - apparently she's eating ok at daycare, but at home she's barely eating any breakfast or dinner.

So far we've just been giving her lots of water, sometimes herbal tea with agave (I read conflicting things about honey) if she'll drink it, trying to limit dairy (though I'm still nursing her 3-4 times a day), last night I gave her some of those Boiron homeopathic things which may or may not have helped.

Tonight I think I want to give her a cough suppressant so she can get some sleep. She looked exhausted this morning. I'm not normally one for going the medicine route with 'just a cold' but in this case, I think it's necessary.

I found some dosage and brand recommendations on the Dr Sears site, but I wanted to check here for any additional thoughts/cautions/etc? Should we do just a suppressant or the suppressant/expectorant? Her nose is slightly runny but the main problem at this point really is the cough.

When we were at the doctor last week, we talked about coughs/colds and their stance is basically unless it persists without improvement for more than 2 weeks, just treat it at home, so I don't think she needs to go to the doctor at this point.

Edited to add: she's 18 months. We don't have a humidifier or vaporizer (yet). We live in Canada. It *sounds* like a dry cough, and her runny nose is on and off.

Edited to add: Thanks everyone. I guess based on this and the information we got from the pharmacist, we'll avoid the cough medicine for now and hope that it passes on its own soon.

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