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Interviews for Class
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devilishdestiny wrote in parenting101
I'm looking to ask parents who have a child with disabilities a few questions for one of my college classes. I am a future educator and will be very discrete with your information. The two interviewees I had feel though and I would love to talk with you this afternoon if at all possible.

EDIT: THANK YOU TO THE WONDERFUL PARENTS WHO CONTACTED ME! If I haven't messaged you yet, I will contact you later. :)

What kind of disability? I have a 17-year-old with OCD.

My daughter has two boys on the autism spectrum. One is 'high functioning' autistic and the other has Aspberger's. Let me know if that's helpful to you.

My daughter has cerebral palsy and I'd be happy to speak with you! marlatiara at yahoo

OK, I am a pedant - but it is DISCREET! :P

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