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Bad timing...
opaloctober wrote in parenting101
Grrrreeeeaaaatttt....just had to drop my classes due to pregnancy complications. I'm 30 weeks along in a high risk pregnancy, 2cm dialated, on procardia for preterm contractions, on strict bedrest the next 2 weeksa at least, until I see my OB again, and just had a cerclage (sp??) placed on Monday. I also have a 19 month old baby girl to chase around. I'm so totally crushed. And since my due date (Jan 18) is the exact same day that Spring semester classes begin (and my induction date is the week of Jan 10th)...I have to wait until summer to resume classes. Poo I just feel like crying. FWIW, I was taking 9 hours (3 classes), one Tuesday-Thursday math class, and 2 fully online classes. My main concern is the campus classes. I plan to have the same schedule when I return to school nomatter where I go. There is a junior college about 30 min away from my school that offers late start classes. Those classes start Feb 11. I could take those, but i'm worried it will still be too soon after having the baby. For you student mommas out there, how long did you wait to return to class??

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