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Care package for family in the hospital

A friend of mine's four year old son was unexpectedly diagnosed with leukemia over the weekend. They live out of state and we aren't super close, but the mom's group we met through is sending a care package next week and I'm not sure what to include. I plan on a nice card, my son has painted her son a picture and I think I'm going to grab a little dinosaur toy or some cars or  something like that to send, but what else could I send that would be appreciated?

Is there anything I can't send? (That might not be safe for him to have while undergoing chemotherapy or something like that). I was thinking gift cards to go out to eat but we're beyond broke and I know she has food allergies and they tend to cook at home most of the time for that reason. Any other ideas for little toys that might keep him occupied? My son is almost 4 and I know that things like crayons and paper only keep him entertained for about 5 minutes so I was hoping for a little more than that.

I pray none of you were ever in this situation, but if you were, what would you have appreciated other than kind words and prayers?
Thank you so much!

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