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Working on baby number two

This question is to moms out there who have been to this rodeo more than once. Dh and I are going to start trying to conceive baby number two. I had spoken with my doc at the appointment about some concerns I have because of my first pregnancy, and they are as follows: gestational related hypoglycemia (LOW blood sugar) and a very large baby at birth (dd was 10 days late by the time she finally came out after I was induced and was a whopping 21.3 inches and 10 lbs 10oz).

I had asked if there was a high likelihood if I would have low blood sugar related to my pregnancy again and if there was a high probability I would have a large baby again. His response was yes to both counts. I do have to note that after dd was born, my dh shared with me that large babies seem to run in his family... His mom was 10 lbs when she was born, he was 9 lbs 12 oz (for the record I was 9 lbs 5oz and my sister was 9 lbs 12 oz...so we weren't exactly small fries either). My sister in law has 1 son who was late like dd @10 lbs 3oz, and her second son was born at 32 weeks and at his time of birth weighed 8lbs 8oz. I should note that no one else in my family had a history of gestational high or low blood sugar. Ironically enough I didn't develop low blood sugar until just halfway through my pregnancy when ironically, a week or two AFTER I passed all of my glucose tolerance and fasting blood sugar tests. I also gained a lot of wight during my first pregnancy and I am not sure if it was because of the higher rates of snacking once the low blood sugar kicked in and I didn't do a good job of just eating smaller meals more frequently...but just ate too much inadvertently, or if that is just how much my body gained. ( for the record I gained 62lbs by the time I was ready to deliver but initially I was very upset early on in my pregnancy that after a month of my pregnancy I had already gained 5lbs, and I have always been a pretty health conscious person)

So here are my questions to those of you who have had more than one child.
1. Is there anyone else who had low blood sugar pop up in their first pregnancy and did it happen again, was it around the same time gestation? Or was it even earlier as my doctor warned me might happen?
2.those of you who had really large babies (and I am talking 10lbs or larger who did not have gestational diabetes) did number two end up just as big? And during the pregnancy was your physician more cautious along the way trying to determine the size to see if a c section should be done? Btw I did not have a c section, dd was delivered vaginally, she got stuck on my pelvis, the nurse had to dislodge her shoulder by jumping on top of the bed, straddle me and push and manipulate on my abdomen to get it unstuck as I pushed through a contraction. I shocked the hell out of everyone, as no one had even suspected I was carrying a baby that large...every time I came for my appointments they had said my abdomen was measuring average to slightly larger than average. They had no idea my dd was going to be that huge, so they did not elect to do a c section, as a result of her getting stuck shr was born with Erb's palsy (a brachial plexus injury where her left arm was completely paralyzed at birth...thankfully I must note she got a lot of spontaneous return on her own and with a bit of therapy, her movement and coordination thus far are completely age appropriate...her ped had stated more than once she was glad I am an occupational therapist and pretty much knew what to look for, monitor and what to do with it. I am just really afraid that something similar will happen to number two and maybe I wouldn't be so fortunate as to have the issue related to the birth resolve as well as it has with my daughter.

3. To every, mom of two or more out there....did you have the same cravings and same food aversions second time around or was it completely different?

4. Since I have been doing some research on the cause of high birthweight babies I have found genetics or high weight gaind can be attributing factors...since I gained a lot of weight my first time around and had to snack a lot I am going to try to do better choosing lower fat, low carb and nphigh protein snacks...other than hummus with veggies, Greek yogurt, cheese, meat jerky, peanut butter or a handful of nuts, are there any other lean protein low carb snacks you all can recommend? If possible I would prefer not to gain as much weight as I did the first time around. I did loose all of it and then a bit more all thanks to the wonders of breast feeding...but still, gaing 60lbs was not cool.

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