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Big babies
bratty_lil_fae wrote in parenting101
Kind of piggy backing on the last post about big babies.

My son was large at birth, 10 lbs 4 oz, 21 inches, with a 15" head. The goofy newborn hats never did fit his monster head (and he still has a large head, at 2 years old he SHOULD be wearing 3T shirts but has to wear 4T's because his head wont fit through 3T neck-holes).

Anyways, the point of this post. I am nearly 36 weeks pregnant with #2, and worried about baby hats. I really didn't worry about it with the Goblin because he was born in August and it was 100 degrees outside. But this one is due in December, so obviously I need to worry more about warmth this time around.

So those of you with large babies/large baby heads, what did you use for hats?

My kid wasn't big, but her head was (and still is) in the 95+ percentile. I bought knit hats from vendors on etsy. Then my aunt started knitting them. And I eventually taught myself to knit them (it's actually super easy). We had to modify the pattern to make them longer so they wouldn't just sit on top of my daughter's head, even with the right head circumference. Now that she's 4 I can find hats in the toddler section that fit because they have sizes, but I know that baby dilemma where they only have one size and none of them fit :)

Two of my three were born in winter and I didn't use hats. I had a fleece onsie with a hood that I put them in, but otherwise, it just wasn't an issue.

Same here. Mine were born in December and March (still pretty cold here in March) and they've never really warn hats unless they were going to be outside for a prolonged period of time. And most infants just aren't. As infants I made sure they were covered in their car seats. Once they were too big to carry the car seat around, I covered them with a blanket. Once they were too big to be carried, I kept a hat handy and always had it as an option, but they never wanted it unless they were actually playing outside.

Just use bigger hats(?) There are hats sized all the way up to adult(?) Not sure why you're asking or what you mean. Even the infant cotton ones come in a variety of sizes. Might as well get 3-6 and 6-9 mos since you'll need hats up to spring.

Good luck with your labour and delivery!

Maybe it's the area I live in, but I can never find "sized" hats, there are the newborn style/size hats, and then toddler/kids winter hats which were way big but what we ended up doing as we got into winter with our first son.

There's one at the outlet malll about an hour away, might need to try to get out there, thanks!

Sears also has them, so many of the stores that sell baby things do. But if you're going to go so far, maybe call in advance to double check. Hope you find some.

Or just order them online! Shipping would probably cost the same as gas and you save tonnes of time and you don't have to worry about the store being out of some things.

Gap has "knot hats" that are light little newborn hats in different sizes, too.

None of the newborn hats fit my son. We used a hat from Gymboree that was 3-6 months and rolled it up when he was really little and it covered his eyes.

Handmade crocheted hats! There are a zillion on etsy.

Mine had a huge head, she just didn't fit In newborn hats. 3-6 or 0-12 or anything that did t say "newborn" fit. I honestly have never seen hats that aren't sized, (target old navy? Carter's? Children's place?) so I don't know what the deal is where you live. :)

I crochet my own, and there are a ton of hand knitted/crocheted ones on etsy. Most sellers will even take custom orders.

My 6 pound 6 ounce son had a 17 (I think) inch head. It was above the 100th percentile. He was born in December and none of the newborn hats fit him, either. I was just really thankful that he had a LOT of hair that stayed, because otherwise I would have been worried. He did have a 3-6 month hat that he wore, but the newborn ones that came in a set with a sleeper/bib/hat and stuff were too small from the get-go.

If your little one is bald or you still want to use hats, try to find a 3-6 month one, or just use hoods.

Newborn hats are dumb, they never fit, and my boys don't even ave big heads. With my oldest (who was born in late November) we just used 3-6 month size touques. If it was a bit big, no big deal. We're using the same hats for my younger son who is now a month old.

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I found with my fat baby he didn't NEED or want to wear a hat because he had enough body chub to keep him warm and hats overheated him.

regular gerber hats stretched out fine for my 11 pounder.

Hoodies. Same problem, December baby with a head too big. He came from the birth center naked and wrapped in blankets because we had no idea how big he'd be and nothing fit.

Youngest was born in Feb, she has a huge head, I got fleece jackets with hoods, I also used my older daughters knit hats that she used when she was two and rolled the edges up if necessary. I never put her to bed in a hood or a hat, just made sure the house was toasty.

I had a 10#7oz and a 10#13oz! Both were summer babies, though, so hats weren't as much a concern.

I would look for fleece hats intended for older babies for when you take LO outside. Inside, hats aren't as necessary unless you keep your house really cold (under 65F). Ask around for friends to make some hats for a 15" head, if you know people who can knit or crochet. Hats are one of the easiest things to make, after scarves, so you could also try if you have the extra time. ;-)

I would think 3 or 4 hats would be more than enough for a newborn, so it shouldn't be too hard to find a few options.

We just used larger hats. There're a ton on Amazon. Try a 3M hat, or a 6M hat?

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