Abra SW (cloudscudding) wrote in parenting101,

Underweight Toddler

Our 15-month-old toddler is underweight (3rd percentile for weight, and tall--usually measures in at 90th percentile for height!), so we need to fatten him up. He is a somewhat picky eater--he refused to eat any solid food at all until he was a year old, and then he leapfrogged ahead to finger food. High calorie foods we've had success with: avocado pudding, cheesy bread, cake. We also mix extra heavy cream and/or pediasure in with his milk.

Does anybody have any other recommendations for toddler-friendly, high calorie foods?

ETA The doctor wants us to get him more calories. There is concern about a dropping weight percentile. Our calorie goal is normal, 1200 per day, but our baby does not eat a large quantity, so we need to make what he DOES eat more calorie-dense.
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