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long hair on a boy..
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xfoundinabottle wrote in parenting101
If any of you have a boy with longish hair, how do you cut/style it?

2.5yo wants his hair long like daddy's. It's just at that stage where it's right in his eyes in the front. Husband won't let me put hair clips in his hair to get it out of his face (long story short, he's sensory seeking and anything small enough will end up in his mouth, so small pieces of sharp metal aren't a great idea). It's wavy and thick and usually I can scrunch it up and get it out of his face, but when it is freshly washed it's straighter and it's right in his eyes.. ANything else I can do short of brushing it out of his face every 10 minutes?

Hats or bandanas might work. A hairband is a possibility if you could find one your husband approves of.

Otherwise, could you cut the bangs or layer them?

I could cut the bangs but that would be a temporary fix.. Husband's hair is halfway down his back so that's what kiddo wants.. i'd still have to grow out the bang I guess.

He takes hats off in the house, but I'll try a headband!

Seconding the motion to just cut his bangs. My fiance's littlest brother (I think he was 4 or 5 at the time) had that "Dutch boy" hair cut for a while but you could easily layer them so it's not like straight bangs.

Otherwise, maybe try parting it? Or just try to muster through it 'til it gets long enough to tie it back.

trim the bangs. i used to have long-ish hair on my second son, and I always cut his bangs right above his eyes. so it was still pretty long but not in his face.

here he is at 3 (he's 5 now and has short hair)

(Deleted comment)
Those are awesome! I wish we had known about those when my stepson was younger and the hair in the face bothered everyone but us and him.

Be careful cutting the bangs. You can easily end up with a mullet.

We just let it keep growing until it could be tucked behind the ears. In the meantime, I blew their hair dry such that it swept to the side. It helped.

I'll definitely try blow-drying next time.. we only shampoo his hair about once a month, and it takes about a week to get it back to normal

In that case, too, you might try wetting it, combing it back, then clipping it while it dries. You'd have to supervise him while the clip is in place, but it will help hold the shape when dry.

ooh another good idea! thanks!

I love his hair! I'd second the Bondi Band or bandanna idea since they're less "girly".


...and less likely to get swallowed I guess! lol!

my son had hair that length even longer before the alopecia set in, and we just let it go wild. He seemed to be happy.

Wyatt's hair is definitely longer than Luke's and we just let it go wild. I've tried putting it up in a ponytail but he hates it. He's learned to brush his bangs to the side and I do it for him sometimes too. Wyatt's copying daddy too. :)

Seriously? Babies' and Toddlers' sex gets confused all the time because they mostly all have short hair. If I had a dollar for every time someone called my daughter a boy (even on the rare days she wears pink!), I'd have a nice college fund started for her, LOL. Some girl babies are bald for several years. What should their parents do, get a wig?

There's no reason to worry about someone confusing your young child's sex, because it will happen no matter what. I honestly don't understand why anyone gender stereotypes infants and toddlers.

OP- I LOVE your son's hair, though I can't really help with advice since I only hope I will one day have a shaggy-haired son.

IDK maybe it's just me but I generally can tell if it's a boy or a girl at the above pictured age. I think it's the style of hair that makes a difference. This particular style is feminine to me...that's all I'm saying.

I personally could care less if someone confused my child as a boy or a girl...the op asked a question and I answered.

On what planet is the answer "cut his hair!" the answer to a question about a child who wants to grow his hair long?

There are ways to cut a hairstyle thats different...without loosing length....

My 12 yo is a boy with a ponytail. He gets confused for a girl all the time and has no issue with it--he just quietly corrects them and gets on with life. He knows who he is and what he is and doesn't care what other people think. People put too much stock in such things as making boys avoid pink--only buying certain types of toys. Really? It all comes out in the wash--love them and help them grow.

There was never a time with either of my children when they were babies that they weren't confused with being the wrong gender. It has not scarred them for life.

Wow, really? The kid wants long hair, let him have long hair!

I agree, but THE cut...not CUT it all off.

People will not pay attention and confuse boys vs girls for forever, especially with blond children (who for some reason are apparently always girls?)

My son has short hair, but it's curly and blond, so I'm still getting "What a beautiful little girl" even at two.

I literally would never have commented on this picture and said anything either way unless the OP asked...which she did.

I just would see a grown woman wearing their hair like this, that's all. The kids is adorable regardless. I'd part it down the middle to make it appear more boyish.

I'm sorry, I don't understand your comment.. He's 2.5, I don't really care if he looks like a girl, I just wanted to see what other parents with long haired boys do in the growing out period do.. Once his hair grows out to the point where it can be put into a ponytail, we'll probably do that.

I'm saying that his hair style to me is girly and that is what you asked right? You asked what styles of hair would look more boyish? I suggested parting it down teh middle like in the picture...I'm sorry if that's not what you were asking.

No, I asked what other people do with their boys' hair when it's growing out.. Whether there's a way to cut/style it so it's not in his face without me cutting his bangs (so his hair can all grow out to be one length like his dad's) not about his specific hairstyle.. which isn't really a hairstyle, but an outgrown faux-hawk..

If any of you have a boy with longish hair, how do you cut/style it?

I would part it down the middle.

I guess I focused too much on that question, my bad.

What is this, I can't even.

How about bangs? that's what i did with Roland!

wouldn't it look funny with hair halfway down his back?

Do you plan on keeping it around this length or letting it grow really long? I would make my decision based on that.

If you want to keep it this length, I'd go for a fringe bang look. Kind of like:


If you want it to keep growing, I think bangs will look really strange. Kind of mullet-ish. I would somehow try to get through this awkward growing out phase and wait for those bangs to be long!

He wants it partway down his back.. so we're growing it long.. That's what I'm wondering how to get through the phase without sticking sharp pieces of metal in his hair. LOL Got some good pointers so far though :)

That headband dealy that others posted seems like a great alternative to trimming it. Plus, hopefully they will grow rather quickly and then you can forget about it and enjoy the long locks! :-)

I just pushed my son's hair to the sides of his face...and eventually it just stayed that way.


I did trim his bangs though, just in case they did go out of place.

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^ Huge picture is HUGE!

OMFG your kid is so ridiculously cute!!!

I think so too, but I'm biased ;) Thank you!

I babysit for a three year old who has long hair like your son and his bangs are frequently in his eyes and he isn't even phased. I've brushed them aside before and he just looks at me and goes "Auntie, they don't bother me. It's okay. Yous can leave mine hair in mine eyes" so I would say if it's not bothering him, don't worry about it!

I always worry about eye-vision (I'm not the author of the post but still concerned)

we used hair gel or my children would push their bangs to the side while they where growing out.

Well, I have a girl, but we've never given her a true hair cut, so we definitely have dealt with the hair in the eyes issue. Her hair naturally parts pretty far over on the side, so we just do our best to sweep the front part of her hair to the side. It still falls in her face a lot, but it doesn't bother her, and she just pushes it back to the side, so we don't fuss with it. She rips clips out of her hair and the front part isn't long enough to fit into the ponytail. It's *almost* long enough to tuck behind her ears now.

For your little guy, I'd say maybe trying to do the side-swept thing until it's long enough to tuck, or maybe parting in the middle would help a bit. Otherwise, my advice is just wait it out, if it's not bothering him. :)

Our kiddo loved bandanas. Although, we currently chose to keep his hair short until he decides weather he wants it short or long (yes, my hubby's hair is longer than mine).

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Miles has had long hair most of his life. It had just gotten lovely and long when we decided to cut it short for a bit, and now he wants it long again, so it's back in his eyes. It doesn't bother him one bit. But it drives me crazy. I HATE the stage where it's in their eyes but not long enough to go behind the ear. I get around it by combing it into a side part when it's wet and by using gel (Aveda confixor works great for us). Blow drying is good too.

Are you worried about hair bands, too, or just barrettes? Miles' hair was eye length on vacation when we were in and out of the pool all day, so I did a little sumo wrestler top knot thing for him every morning. I thought he looked adorable. (pics in my geek week 2012 album on FB).

PS: I think Luke's hair looks adorable, and I think he'll be really cute with long hair like his dad!

Haha oh man I see the sumo wrestler look in his near future when we are going on vacation. Not worried about headbands as much since he is not as likely to cut his mouth with them..

Use a bit of gel to kind of glue it back?

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