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wickedcherub wrote in parenting101
Hi everyone, thanks for answering my last question - my SIL came over and we decided that the best course of action for my family and house was to keep a changing pad + box of supplies under the futon in the playroom and feed my newborn in there. Frees up space all over the place, and I can feed and change in the same place.

My new question is wondering how you keep up with chores with *two* kids. Especially those who stay at home and when one is a newborn. I struggle with chores with just the one kid, I'm daunted by the idea of two.

a) What chores do you do every single day and when?
b) What chores does your partner do every single day?
c) What chores are done weekly, and by whom?

I struggle with keeping my fridge clean, my bathroom clean and the floors clean. I've only started being on top of the laundry and the dishes these past few months. My husband does not do any cleaning indoors at all unless asked, but I do not touch any of the outdoor stuff.

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