Elentari (ladyelentari) wrote in parenting101,

Please help me not go bald, lol

HELP! How do I get my 1-yr old to stop pulling on my hair? He grabs it ALL THE TIME. When I pick him up, when he's nursing, when I'm just sitting on the floor near him, anytime it's within reach. I pull it back in a ponytail and he yanks strands of it out of the rubberband. I can't do any fun hairstyles bc he pulls them apart. AND, he tries eating it! I'll be holding him with his head on my shoulder and he'll wrap his little hands in my hair and start chewing on it. It is driving me BATTY. Please help!
I've tried:
Telling him NO!
Saying OUCH!
Putting him down and walking away.
Gently taking his hands out of my hair and trying to give him something else to hold on to.

I don't know what else to do. I realize it's kind of a comfort thing, but it is seriously driving me nuts. Maybe it's cause he's still pretty much bald?
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