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Eating solids but refusing fluids

My son will be 8 months old on the 21st. He's been eating baby food purees since he was 6 months old and, as of last Saturday, has been following a breakfast-lunch-dinner schedule (8/8:30am - noon - 7:30/8pm) with his meals. He has bottles of formula in between and usually averages about 20oz of formula a day. He flat out refuses water or juice in a bottle and won't even attempt a sippy cup. For him it's formula in a bottle or nothing at all.

Today he WILL NOT take a bottle. Daddy fed him breakfast before dropping him off at the baby sitter this morning. Baby sitter tried to give him a bottle at 10:30am but he would not take it and opted to nap until almost noon instead. He ate his lunch at noon and took 3oz of formula at 2:30pm. I picked him up at 3pm and he was not fussy nor was he acting hungry so I didn't push the issue until 5pm when I tried to give him a bottle. He threw a fit. My MiL came over to watch him so I could go grocery shopping and he would not take a bottle for her either. He was getting a bit fussy so she gave him dinner at 7pm. He was still acting hungry after dinner but again refused the bottle. I mixed 1.25oz of formula with 1 tablespoon of rice cereal and 0.5oz of fruit baby food (he refuses to eat cereal 'plain') and he inhaled it (via spoon, of course). My MiL then proceeded to get him to take 2oz of apple juice via spoon before he decided he was full.

He's had three meals and I know there's a percentage of water in each, but he's still not had anything close to his normal fluid intake (only 4.25oz so far!). Should I worry? Is there another way to 'sneak' some more fluid into that's not via a bottle or a sippy cup? How long should I let this go on before I call the doctor?

ETA: He's been a bit fussy and chompy the last few evenings so we suspect that his second set of teeth may be coming in. He wasn't nearly this bad about eating when his bottom teeth came in, but formula was his only source of nutrition at the time so I guess he didn't have a choice.


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