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After mirena removed
happy lois
routhfan1 wrote in parenting101
Okay so I have had my mirena iud removed two weeks ago.

Tonight my breasts are sore, almost like they are full of milk, or definitely tender like they were in my first trimester of my pregnancy. I can pretty much ensure I am not pregnant, as a few days after the iud was removed I had a pretty substantial period and since then, well...you have to have sex to get pregnant, which hasn't happened since I had a cyst removed from my scalp that was the size of a thumbnail...an entirely different issue, but since the cyst was so large, the incision pain has been pretty bad. So yeah, no dirty deed has been done.

Any one else experience this shortly after your iud was removed? Or maybe is it just coincidental timing and I am ovulating? I have heard that breast tenderness can be an indication of ovulation, and well, before having a baby, maybe I just wasn't that in tune with that particular symptom or perhaps that now I have gone through the whole breast feeding and childbirth thing, this is new for my body? FYI when the iud was inserted, I was still breast feeding, so breast tenderness was pretty much all the time.

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