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how do you deal with two?
wickedcherub wrote in parenting101
I had an emotional panic attack that had me crying in a closet this morning so my 2yo wouldn't see. 8 days til my due date with the second kid and i just don't know how I'm going to cope.

My husband came home from work today and my son wanted nothing to do with him, wouldn't accept his help, refused to ask him to get him snacks/books/other things his father is completely capable of, and only wanted *me* to do things.

My husband also has only one week leave when the baby comes, and my mum will have the week off after that to help. After that, it's all me. How will I deal with my toddler requesting attention all the time? How will I assuage my guilt that I cannot give both of them my full attention?

So I'm asking for a plan of attack for those of you who have had a newborn + toddler before. Any tips, hints, tricks?

If anything, some words of encouragement would be much appreciated too.

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