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Feminine / Masculine

I have a feeling this might become controversial, and I'm hoping I don't upset or offend anyone cause thats not my intention.

I have a niece thats almost 3. Her parents are pretty much anti-girl and have been since she was born. Now, I'm not one who thinks all girls should wear pink or need to be "girly" but I do think its wrong to discourage anything feminine. They buy her boys toys, and she regularly wears boys clothes. This concerns my other sister in law and myself. I'm afraid if they keep doing this shes going to be confused and it could cause problems. Its not MY problem so I stay out of it and I don't say anything, however, Christmas is the one time of the year when its frustrating. They sent me her Christmas list and its basically Bob the Builder, Cars, and Dump Trucks. I have a daughter, as does my other sister in law and while they do like some boy stuff like cars, they mostly enjoy girl stuff. Maybe its not an issue and she will be just fine, but, it bugs me and I really don't want to buy the girl all boy stuff for Christmas.

So, is there anything I can get her that wouldn't offend her parents but would fall into something thats not masculine, but also not overly feminine? I found a bright pink dump truck thats pretty cute but I'm coming up empty handed besides that.

Any input/advice/ideas would be greatly appreciated, and I'm sorry if I somehow offended anyone.

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