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Books on cats for toddlers
the_laugh wrote in parenting101
I have two 5 year old cats and a 15 month old daughter...I am looking for children's books on how to treat the cats. Any suggestions?

I don't know of any books, but my son is 27 months. For us we just repeated "gentle" and demonstrated "gentle" over and over again. It's something we had done from a very young age, and although he wasn't (and still isn't) always successful, he always puts an honest effort into being gentle when he loves on the cats. And using the same word every time (in our case "gentle") means he also associates the word with just patting nice, so if he starts hitting me or Daddy or just generally being too rough we tell him "gentle" and he will pat us gentle too, so it is starting to learn the actual concept with more than just the cats.

She works hard at being "gentle", she just tends to get overexcited while doing it and scares them.

I heard of a book many years ago that had fur and such so the toddler could practice being gentle.

at 15 months I would say we had the same issue. Our son would pet gentle, but would tackle the cats to get them to stay still so he could pet them. It is just now at over 2 years old that the cats are starting to warm up to him because he is getting better at truly being gentle, and they will lay next to him on the couch while he pets them and watches his evening cartoon.

How about the 'That's not my...' series by Usbourne?


We have loads and they can be used to encourage gentle stroking of the pictures.

We just reinforced 'gentle' which translated as going "ahhh" and stroking, not pulling or squishing.

How about Tails Are Not for Pulling:

We have two cats too -- they mostly kept out of my daughter's way when she was a baby/young toddler. I did a lot of helping her pet the cats nicely starting when she was old enough to grab fur (something like 6 months). I'd hold her hand and stroke gently down the cat's back, telling her "gentle touch" or "nice pet" and letting her know that's how kitty likes to be petted.

There's one called "How Do Dinosaurs Love Their Cats" that's cute.

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