yazz_flute (yazz_flute) wrote in parenting101,

Christmas Gifts for Newborn

My SIL is pregnant with her first and due any day now.  I have no idea what to buy for baby for Christmas.  They went a little crazy buying baby stuff and everything I can think of they already have.  They have tons of clothes, diapers, toys, etc... I think they were worried about having things that they needed for baby (BIL is currently unemployed so they've been stocking up when things were cheap) and forgot to consider that Christmas is coming.  They're notoriously bad for buying things for themselves during the month before Christmas and then no one knows what to buy for them.  Last year I was so excited because I had the perfect gift - I remembered my SIL had mentioned wanting a crockpot.  Well don't you know she went out on Black Friday and bought herself one!  Obviously the baby doesn't know one way or another, but since they'll be getting something for my son I'd like to reciprocate.

So... Any creative or unusual ideas for something for a 4 wk. old baby?  Bonus points if it's useful!
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