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Peg and Pegboard set with pattern cards
rms10 wrote in parenting101
My three-year-old son -- as well as the majority of his preschool class -- is completely addicted to Picture Peg, an old peg board set from the 1970's that's out of production. I've been looking for a new peg and pegboard set for him for Christmas, but I'm having trouble finding one with pattern cards. This one seems sturdy, but no pattern cards. This one has pattern cards, but is unavailable. I think the one in this blog post is the one I want, but I can't seem to find it anywhere.

Anyone have any leads? Have I just completely missed an option that's out there? Thanks!

Quercetti does a junior version of their Fantacolor thing (the first one you linked) that comes with patterns...


I've seen the Junior Fantacolor thing, and I don't think it's advanced enough for my son.

Eh, maybe not, but I thought it was worth mentioning anyway. :)

This isn't a peg board, but you use a "pencil" to pick up the pieces so it helps with the pincher grasp.

Ooh, they also have something like that at preschool, thanks!

THe first one has a "design manual" included, which I think would be the cards you are wanting.

I didn't notice that! Oh my, thank you so much.

I've never seen a peg board toy like that, but there are a few other things I can think of which have the same design/play/fine motor concepts.

Lego makes a similar toy, complete with pattern pictures.

There's also perler beads, which can be had by the millions, and there are a ton of plastic board shapes and pattern ideas, ranging from things a preschooler can do to designs that keep my 10 year old engaged.

I haven't seen the Lego one, but I'll look. Are perler beads the ones that you melt?

Only thing I can think of that is similar concept is Lite Brite

I was totally thinking of a Lite Brite when I saw that blog post. I loved playing with mine when I was little.

To mothermelete- I love the icon. My daughter's name (coincidentally) is River. ;)

I LOVE the name River. I'm also a fan of River Tam ;)

Lite Brite! I even had that as a kid! It didn't even occur to me that they still make them.

Yeah, I didn't know if you wanted to avoid electronics, but they have a LOT of different versions now :)

Huh, that's an interesting twist.

I bought this for my son for Christmas! Hope he likes it :)

Have you tried teacher resource or supply store/educational catalogs?

Discount School Supply

I've looked at Lakeshore, but I'll try the other two, thanks!

We sometimes use pegboard patterns at work for patients to work on object closure, spatial relations, left neglect, scanning, problem solving etc. Even though they are used in therapy, this might be something he might be able to use....i don't know if you'd be concerned about the size of the pegs though, but this might work.

That's smaller than I'm looking for, but I've definitely found some promising items on websites for OT.

im an ot and we use this amazing game called design and drill with the kids which is a huge hit bc it incorporates every boy's (and some girls!) favorite thing- power tools!!! id link you but im on a kindle.... its awesome though

I think someone else also recommended the thing with the drill. Very cool.

That does seem to be along the lines of what I'm looking for, thanks!

Thanks -- the one from Louise Kool might be exactly what I want!

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