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Parent's and baby sharing a room...
opaloctober wrote in parenting101
So DD is a bit over a week from turning 20 months, and cosleeps with us. I am nearly 33 weeks along with DD #2. We've decided to cosleep with DD until she's ready to sleep alone (nowhere near ready now), and keep DD #2's crib in our room and she will sleep in there. Our bedroom is really tiny, but we'll make it work. I'm looking for some photos for decoration inspiration for our room, and i'm having trouble finding any. I've scoured pinterest and found a few, and i've been using google-fu for the rest searching in google images. I've tried searching for "cosleeping bedrooms", which just gave me sidecarred cribs, "shared baby rooms", which only gave me bedrooms where older kid and baby share a room, or two babies in the same room. I've just about tried every variable of search term in between. Should I phrase it differently??

"Family bedroom"? That's the best I can come up with, and I didn't try it in google to see if it comes up with good ideas/pictures.

I'd try wandering around and Ikea if you have one near you. Their small space decorating always gives me ideas.

Try master bedroom nursery. Found a bunch on pinterest w/ that

If you're planning on nursing the new baby, you might want to try moving Big Sis to a Ct/mattress in your room. You need to make late night nursing as easy as possible for yourself or you will find an excuse to give her a bottle. Negotiating a sleeping toddler before you can get to hungry baby and them having to find a spot to settle, etc is not going to be fun.

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