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Baby Won't Take Any Solids
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chitowndiva wrote in parenting101
Hi all! My 8.5 month old son won't hardly take any solids at home. (He will at daycare, apparently.) But we've tried everything - purees, small veggies, finely chopped proteins, bread, pasta, rice, steamed fruit - nada. He'll eat a banana, that's about it. We put him in a highchair and offer finger foods first, and when he refuses those, we offer purees, and when he refuses that, we either give him a banana or end the meal.

He still takes lots of breastmilk, and he has plenty of dirty diapers, so I'm not worried about him being sick. I know food is just supposed to be for "fun", but there's nothing very fun about what we're doing at this point - attempts at food seem to just end in crying.

Any ideas? Anyone else go through this at this age? I'm not sure what else to try. Thanks!

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