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Let's see your...holiday card inspiration?
allisonjayne wrote in parenting101
Hi all. So this is a semi-inquiry/just for fun post. I'm trying to find ideas/inspiration for our holiday cards this year. We might not do the picture with Santa thing, but I still want to get the kid (19 months) dressed up in a sparkly dress and take a few pictures of her in some kind of...wintery/holiday/new year something....

We celebrate both Christmas and Hanukkah (both in a very secular, "cultural traditions", "family traditions", blahblah kind of way) so we were thinking of doing a card this year that's more blue/silver, new year/happy holidays themed. If we actually got snow that stayed on the ground here, I'd put her in front of some snow, but even though we're in Canada, we are snowless as of yet.

I have a few ideas but would love to see others inspiration/ideas (for photo locations or for the card design itself!).

Pinterest is pretty great for this sort of thing. Here are a few images I pinned:


We missed Christmas, and New Years, but we did Valentine's cards that were just like xmas cards. We used shutterfly, did a folded card. And put one photo for stuff we did each month - our new house, graduations, vacations, trips, or just random photos from the year. Then inside we put our "formal" family photo for the year along with a story describing our adventures for the year. Since my daughter's birthday is in October, we've found it easy to have a friend with a small photography business take her yearly photos and incorporate our family photos in there too. We'll likely do a similar card this year since we've done so much this year. I always like receiving those type of family update type cards from my friends and family because it fills me in on what that family has been doing lately.

One year, I had my daughter draw a picture to be copied and printed for our Christmas card. She drew a snowman and a Christmas tree (I thought I had a copy in my flickr photos but I apparently don't, so I can't show you) and it was really sweet. I am having both my daughters draw a picture for the cards this year, and I'll have to figure out whether I want to send one drawing to half the family and the other to the other half, or if I can incorporate both drawings into one card. We'll see what they come up with and I'll have to figure out what I can do.

Is that your card from last year? It's cute! I got the typical "kid crying on Santa's lap" photo the first year my daughter went to see Santa (she was 20 months old).

this is one of the pictures i took for our card this year.


Seriously, this picture makes me want to cancel hubby's "procedure."

Hahahaha!! thanks so much!

this is our only... he is totally cute but not cute enough to want a sibling for him. hahahahaha.

we took one in the day too... it looks like this:

I hope you use this photo, it is perfect!

Thanks so much!!! We used both and a few others. We write a holiday letter every year so we added about 6 photos.

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ooh I like the idea of lights...hmm maybe we'll try that.

I stole an idea from pinterest and had my girls (5 and 3) sit back to back on kiddie chairs in front of the tree, and I wrapped a bunch of lights around them :P. I saw a card that said "Definitely naughty, better luck next year", so i might use that on ours. I got a good shot of them playing in the first snowfall of the season too, so I might put that on the cards too, Idk.

This one was from 2009:

2010 was a shot of big sister holding little sister in the sled, all bundled up, surrounded by 3 feet of snow, and big sis had some sweet hipster sunglasses on haha. Last year we skipped cards because they both were extremely uncooperative and I couldn't get any good pics :P

This was ours from last year (photographed on the couch and just thrown together on Picnik). I don't know what we'll be doing this year or if I'm even going to bother with cards. It's one of my favourite Christmas traditions but I just feel totally wiped lately and can't imagine having the time or energy...

what a beautiful little girl!

Welp. My plan is to go to the generic photo studio with the most eighties Christmas backdrop. I already bought my five-year-olds and I ugly sweaters and scrunchies. Then I'm gonna destroy my face with blue eyeshadow and blush. And possibly bring the cats.

Then I'm going to send the resulting abomination out to everyone I know with a totally normal holiday greeting/message.

That is how sick I am of being nagged about holiday photos this year. I WORK NOW, I AM SINGLE, I AM TIRED AS BALLS, SHUT UP.

The girls are really into it; we're perfecting our creepy smiles. I anticipate great success/no nagging next year.

(This post is completely serious. I promise I'm not generally this passive aggressive, for whatever it's worth.)

Where do I sign up to receive one of these? ;)

I need to make a gimme-all-the-addresses post in my journal :P


I neeeeeed one. NEED.

please please post this picture when you do it!

That's pretty awesome actually!

We've gotten professional photos done last year & this year. And hen we just get cards from the store & put a 4x6 of all three of us inside. I prefer foldable cards to the postcard style you get when you make your own through a photo place, probably because we stand the cards we receive on a shelf and the postcard ones are hard to put up. :) Someday I'd like to make my own cards (like, stamping and gluing stuff, not on the computer) but that is so not happening this year!

I recently discovered a cool Web app that lets you make slick videos from your own photos and videos. You can make 30-second videos for free, or you can pay a small fee ($5 per month or $30 a year) to make them any length. I used the service to create a "trailer" for a short story I wrote, but I'm considering using the service to make a special holiday e-card. I don't know about you, but when I bought the photo cards, I spent at least $30 just on the cards (not including postage).

Here's my video: http://youtu.be/W_4ctr881Tg

There are also examples on the site of holiday cards.

Another, unrelated idea, might be to make copies of any of your favorite photos and stick them inside a regular, low-cost Christmas card. You could even go into a photo editing program first and add a special holiday message to your photo.

I should have mentioned that the site I'm talking about is called Animoto.

christmas card 3_edited-1

After 3 failed attempts at getting a good group shot I made this card as a joke... I'm still thinking about actually printing it up and sending it out to everyone :)

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Haha...we were thinking that if we do the santa thing and she's crying, our card would say "hope your holidays are a scream" or something.

I think you should totally send that one! It's refreshing. :)

What program did you make your card with? And it is fantastic :)

I used indesign (adobe). Thank you!

wow (2)

The photo for my Christmas card this year. My daughter is 7 months old :)

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