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Let's see your...holiday card inspiration?
allisonjayne wrote in parenting101
Hi all. So this is a semi-inquiry/just for fun post. I'm trying to find ideas/inspiration for our holiday cards this year. We might not do the picture with Santa thing, but I still want to get the kid (19 months) dressed up in a sparkly dress and take a few pictures of her in some kind of...wintery/holiday/new year something....

We celebrate both Christmas and Hanukkah (both in a very secular, "cultural traditions", "family traditions", blahblah kind of way) so we were thinking of doing a card this year that's more blue/silver, new year/happy holidays themed. If we actually got snow that stayed on the ground here, I'd put her in front of some snow, but even though we're in Canada, we are snowless as of yet.

I have a few ideas but would love to see others inspiration/ideas (for photo locations or for the card design itself!).

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