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Yup...first potty training post...
opaloctober wrote in parenting101
So DD is 20 months in a few days, and i'm scheduled to deliver baby sister on Jan 10. My dad's mom thinks things will be best if I tried getting DD potty trained or at least familiar with the potty ASAP. She says I do NOT want two in diapers, and that DD is going to regress when her baby sister comes, and it will be even harder to potty train her then. DD is really jealous and new baby isn't even here yet, so I would tend to agree. We haven't even had a potty talk yet. She follows me to the bathroom when I potty, and stays with me until I leave, and I tell her "Mommy is going to go potty," but I don't think she even gets it. I really don't think she's ready. I would like her to be able to communicate better about pottying, and at least become more comfortable and understand the idea of pottying before we just kinda spring it on her like that. I've heard of parents potty training at 2, 3, and 4. I'm thinking we should wait until she's at least 2, but that's just me. Any input?

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