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So i've just not built a schedule around DD and I's day, based on what it's like already. I have a few questions though, that I thought this comm. could help me with, since you've all been so great with other issues.
Normally, DD goes to bed at 10:30pm (WAY too late in my opinion) and sleeps through the night until 8am-8:30. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the time she wakes up, but I want her to take her little butt to bed around 8:30pm, so her daddy and I can get some much needed sleep! LOL Also, she's taken to taking later naps, which I don't like. She waits until she's just dog tired and inconsolable before she'll take a nap like she did earlier. It can't be good for her to get that tired? She used to go down for a nap between 12 and 1pm, and sleep for maybe 2 hours, and wake up around 3, whereas now she wants to go to sleep around 3 or 4 and that is just not cool, because then she goes to bed later! How can I get her to start napping earlier, and going to bed earlier?

Here is our modified daily M-F schedule. On weekends her granny (my mom keeps her on Fri and Sat nights):

Mon - Fri Schedule for Taryn and Me
8:30 AM - Wake Up; Taryn has a 8oz bottle with vitamins
9:30 - 10AM - Breakfast: Scrambled eggs, sausage/friend weiners, fruit, and cereal/yogurt
10:30 AM - Pick up in living room & kitchen; wipe down counters & sweep
12:00 AM - Lunch (Things like small pieces of ravioli, mac and cheese, chicken pieces, cut up hotdogs, cheese cubes, crackers, cut up bananas, heted up summer sausage, toasted cheese sandwich bites, or almond butter and apple spread sandwich bites.)
Get Taryn dressed after lunch.
1:00 PM - Naptime
3:00 PM - Taryn wakes up and has a 8-ounce bottle of formula without vitamins. Pick up and vacuum livingroom.
4:00 PM - Laundry
5:00 PM - Pick up bedroom & mop bathroom
6:00 PM - Watch Nick Jr, small snack.
6:30 PM - Vacuum house.
7:00 PM - Dinner. Taryn eats what we eat plus 2 capri suns.
8:00 PM - Dishes done.
8:30 PM - Taryn has a 8oz bottle with vitamins, a bath, and gets her jammies on and ready for bed.
9:00 PM - Time for my meds, then lights out, and Taryn's bedtime.
9:30 PM - Cuddle with hubby and watch our shows before bedtime.

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