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We don't have a car (by choice). We live in Seattle, where the public tranpsortation system takes us where we want and need to go on a daily basis. However, I'd like to start using Zipcar for trips that take us out of the city or just into areas where the bus system isn't as good.

My son is 4 and can use a booster seat, which is easy and cheap.

My daughter, on the other hand, is 16 months old. I know that technically she should still be rear-facing, but we had switched her to front-facing before we gave our car up in August simply because her hand-me-down carseat from her brother had to be switched to front-facing at 30lb and she had already hit that at 1 year.

We left our carseats with my parents back in Ohio, and there isn't a practical way to get them all the way out here.

So, P101, what would be your recommendation for a carseat that will see only occasional use (every other month at best), have to be carried on the bus to get to the Zipcar location, and will need to accomodate a 16-month-old who now weighs 32lb and is 34" tall?

ETA: We're also on a really tight budget, so price matters, which is part of why we decided to give up our car.

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