Steph (honsuki) wrote in parenting101,

Things to gnaw on

My daughter is 16 weeks this Sunday and she's showing all the classic signs of cutting teeth...sleeplessness, irritability, whiny, drooling, super mouthy. I've tried Orajel. I've tried Hyland's. She's not grabbing and holding things reliably yet and she won't gum anything she can't hold in place herself, so there goes most teething rings and keys. She's never been one for binkies so cold binkies and the Razzberry are out. She's been gnawing on her hands, my knuckles, and blankets but she's still pretty miserable. Is 16 weeks too early for the mesh fruit holders? Do those even help sore gums? Anyone else have any suggestions/commiseration?
Tags: teething
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